| My app to make one click bundled amazon carts


Hey all, I finally finished my app that helps create amazon bundles:

You just put in the products and the quantities and it creates a link that will add up to 50 items to your cart with one click. I hope y’all find it useful and would love feedback.

Some notes:

  • I’ve noticed a bunch of soylent maker apps! I would love to team up or make some kind of api if there is any interest.

  • It adds my affiliate tag to the links. I know some had issue with this in
    the past. If there is enough demand, I will create the functionality
    to add your own (at a cost).

  • It’s built on meteor, a maturing
    web framework, so it may be a little clunky at times (refresh page if stuck at logging in).

  • It won’t work with digital products, amazon doesn’t allow that. I doubt that will
    be a problem with the soylent community.

  • Items that are no longer available are ignored by amazon.