Ambronite review

So I’m sitting here drinking my first meal of Ambronite and figured I’d post a review.

I generally rely on Soylent for breakfasts and lunches during the work week, plus an occasional weekend meal when I’m just craving Soylent for some reason. I also like 100% Food now and then (especially the chocolate).

First impressions of Ambronite: This stuff is really good! Much less flavor-neutral than Soylent; slightly nutty, in a delicious way. I still prefer Soylent, taste-wise, but this is a very nice alternative. It’s a bit chewier than Soylent but not as chewy as 100% Food. I mixed mine with cold water. I like the 500-calorie pouch and actually wish Soylent would adopt that sort of packaging too (I don’t need 2000 calories per day).

The one factor that inhibits my enjoyment is that I paid $13.80 for this meal. If they bring the price down, I’ll likely incorporate it as a regular part of my diet. Until that happy day, however, Soylent Soylent Soylent Soylent.


I know that they are going for the wholefood organic side of things but I am not that impressed by this. You get the same nutrition from Soylent and I am betting that the body would treat Ambronite the same way as Soylent. I don’t think that it would be necessarily healthier. I am not one to buy into the whole ‘organic’ or ‘natural’ thing. The body treats it all the same - I know it’s an unpopular thing to say but I think organic is a waste of money.

It sounds like a good product besides this, but the price completely turns me off from it. Plus, it seems like it would be chewier than I would like it to be.


Thanks for the first review of Ambronite! I too was turned off by the price. It’s the shipping costs that really pushed the cost into ridiculousness.

I recall Ambronite was overly high in a couple nutrients which also turned me off. Maybe they sorted that out though.

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Yeah, I’m with you on the “organic” propaganda, Also I should note that I’m alarmed by the amount of vitamin K in this stuff. One 500-calorie pouch gives me 90% of the RDA of vitamin K. I used to be on Coumadin and still take a daily aspirin to ward off blood clots, and vitamin K is one of the things you avoid when you’re on blood thinners because it encourages clotting. So I can’t imagine having more than one Ambronite meal per day.

That said: Still tastes pretty darn good. And now I’m full. :sunglasses:

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Science makes everything better, including food. I ain’t no dang caveman!

Are you sure about this?

Organic doesnt necessarily mean a cave diet. It primarily implies food grown without fertilisers,pesticides etc

I think your beef should be more with uncooked food. Eating food raw is okay for fruits and certain vegetables but going raw for everything brings a new set of problems.

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Organic still uses fertilizers and pesticides.

Well then they should not be considered organic. They are being ‘mislabelled’ as organic.

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You should take that up with the NOP. They make the standards.

Waaaait a second, organic? This whole time I’ve been misreading it as Orgazmo! Gosh, is my face red!

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It’s not that organic doesn’t use fertilizers and pesticides it’s that whatever it does use is natural (although the true meaning of that word is debatable) rather than synthetic. If you buy into the “nature is best” thing then you’ll buy into organics. I don’t buy it.

Organics can use naturally occurring substances that harm pests but not ones created and tested by humans. Of course, either of those could harm humans when they eat it, which is what matters.

For that matter, plants have pesticides in them to begin with regardless of what humans do because plants evolve natural defenses against pests. Plants aren’t trying to be the best nutrition for humans, rather plants are just trying to survive.


Meh. For $13.80 I’ll go muggle.


13.80 can buy a pretty delicious plate of food

The commone definition of organic food. My comment was based on this.


orgazmo…orgazmic food? That could be a new category of foods. i wonder what foods will fall into it?

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Here is a bit from that organic food definition pasted above:

"While the standards differ worldwide, organic farming in general features cultural, biological, and mechanical practices that foster cycling of resources, promote ecological balance, and conserve biodiversity. Synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers are not allowed, "

Notice that the things in the 2nd sentence don’t necessarily preclude the things in the 1st sentence. So the 1st sentence basically says “We want to achieve these things.” And then the 2nd sentence says “But we can’t use the things in this 2nd sentence to achieve the things in the 1st sentence.” For whatever reason, when trying to achieve these goals they insist synthetic means not be used, even though it’s possible, depending on the situation, that synthetic means could help achieve the goals. That’s what I meant when I said organic emphasizes natural.

This is good to know. I bought five days’ worth as part of an experiment (in short, seeing if my dehydration from both soylent and 100% food is actually a symptom of an allergy exacerbated by high fiber intake, rather than caused by the fiber alone), so a slightly nutty taste sounds like something I can handle.

I have been consuming soylent for a few months now (averaging 2 soylent meals a day). By contrast, I find ambronite (which I’ve had a few weeks) to be an absolutely terrible product in a variety of ways.

First of all, it tastes like absolute garbage; I have no idea what the poster above is talking about. It’s not nutty at all; it tastes bitter and cloying, like all the bad parts of vegetables and fruits, prepared badly. Worse, there is simply no way to mask it; unlike soylent, mixing with something does not provide flavor, there’s just no way to remove that nasty bitter undercurrent. Moreover it is badly “engineered” unlike soylent; the counts are way off (e.g., calorie counts; not the clean “1/3rd of what you need per day” of soylent), it clumps badly and is a disaster to mix, quickly separates once the mixture is allowed to rest, etc.

Second of all, I am shocked by how little discussion there is of this online. googling ambronite, you just find mountains of press releases. I’m a little freaked out about it, given how terrible the stuff is, in particular its taste; how is no one else complaining? Indeed after lots of googling, I finally found a single tweet of someone who actually had it (rather than an advertisement), but they merely said it was gross and said nothing further.

Honestly I feel like an idiot for having purchased such a large batch. All the warning signs are there: in general a minimum of information on actual product but instead tons of advertising, fluff, pandering to elitism/trends, etc.


I ordered “10 Supermeals” last week.
When it’s delivered I know more.
Don’t want to take the bandwagon in the one or the other direction until I’ve tested it by myself.