Americans Throw Out ~$640 In Food Annually



Interestingly enough, I watched this PBS report the other day about food waste:

Apparently a lot of the food waste comes at the point of production. (at the farm) Much of the food is thrown out because it is not what is thought would appeal to consumers. For instance, in the video, they show an example of a slightly yellow cauliflower that would be rejected.

Towards the end of the video, it shows examples of startups that are trying to take advantage of fruits/vegetables that might not make the cut for retailers, which is heartening for the future.


It’s a sad thing when Americans refuse both “defective” grocery items and GMO’s simultaneously. We sure do like to gamble…


I just recently subscribed to PBS News Hour! Didn’t know it was a channel until very recently. They make very interesting content.


I’ve seen that first hand at a produce distribution werehouse I used to do security at.


I’ll take my tasty slices of non-browning GMO apple over nasty gritty-tasting brown slices of organic apple any day. I don’t know where all this fear of science comes from, but it sure is deep-rooted in people. I wonder if it’s a problem with our education system? It’s pretty sad when you can convince the average person that banning dihydrogen monoxide is a good idea.