Amino Acid RDA values


So, I found this guide to amino acid RDA values. Has anybody actually looked into the amino acid profile of their protein beyond “complete”? I’m curious about trying to see how different levels of each amino acid works, or making sure that I’m actually consuming a sufficient amount of each individual amino acid.


I haven’t looked too much into the specifics of how each amino acid affects the body. But I did put together my own amino acid profile calculator along with links to where to buy the raw amino acids. I was trying to make the most efficient powdered food possible in terms of total mass but got hung up on how terrible the raw amino acids taste. Some future options for improving sensory would be to micro-encapsulate the amino acids the way many multivitamin powders do to mask flavor or go with a juice taste like pomegranate or something.

Not sure if any of those links are good.


TrueNutrition has an app that you might find useful. This post on their forum describes using linear algebra to calculate optimal ratios of protein sources.

I’d love to see this functionality incorporated into Soylent’s DIY app, especially considering that USDA tracks amino acids.


Do you still have what the information on how far you got? I’m a bit more willing to sacrifice on taste.


Take a look at that spreadsheet and that should provide the info on amino acids.

Other ingredients I used:
Unifiber/soluble fiber for fiber
Potato Starch for carbs
Canola Oil for fat (this isn’t efficient at all in powdered form)
Vitamin and mineral blend
potassium citrate - I’m very taste sensitive to citrates but 98% of people can’t detect a taste at all. It doesn’t matter if you don’t care anyways haha!
Omega-3 pills or fish oil