Amount of oil for single meal


The directions say 3 teaspoons of oil for a single meal (2 scoops Soylent powder). I was doing that and the 2nd bag is almost empty and the 2nd bottle of oil is almost full when in fact it too should be near empty.

It looks like the directions for a single meal should be to add more oil, so the oil would be about one-third of the bottle since one oil bottle is to be used for 3 meals.


This has been covered quite a bit on this forum. Assuming 3 meals of equal size a single serving is 2 scoops power 4 scoops water and 4 tsp oil.


My entire consumption for a day doesnt exceed four tsp of oil. Am i consuming too less? My other macros and total calorie consumption is less too.


How much of a bag do you consume in a day?


Sorry i wasnt clear, its not soylent, i havent ordered it yet. Its for the usual food.