Amount of time for 1.6 to "set"

What is the exact amount of time needed for 1.6 to set? I just had an mixed-on-the-spot serving and it was quite awful (I normally love 1.6!), and so I’m wondering if anyone knows the exact number of hours when Soylent powder–or 1.6 specifically–is ready to taste and feel great?

I thought 1.6 was good to eat right away. I just don’t like it at room temperature.

Try putting it in the fridge for half an hour maybe.

Thanks, but what I’d really like to know is if anyone has tested the exact amount of time it takes until the taste and texture changes to ideal. I always leave mine overnight, so I’m wondering how long to wait if I had to make some in a hurry.

I guess this question is specifically for those who prefer the taste and texture of Soylent once it has set, not for those who like it as-is.

I don’t have an exact time, but I had some after about 4-6 hours in the refrigerator and it wasn’t bad.

Since no one’s too interested to reply to this, I’ll post my own findings: at 4 hours it’s perfectly set; at 1.5 hours it’s not set yet. So somewhere in between these times is when Soylent 1.6 is good to eat.

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I don’t think it has anything to do with whether anyone is interested in replying. We don’t know. For one thing we really didn’t get a definition of exactly what “set” means. I don’t think of Soylent as being like Jell-O. So since you know exactly what you mean by set, you are the ideal person to answer your question.


4 hours is perfect. I tried to mix and go today - I found the flavor to be almost salty instead of silky smooth and sweet. Weird.

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I’ve drank it right out of the blender. What, me worry?

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I think it continues to improve with time (until it goes bad, I guess). The best-tasting 1.6 I’ve had was about two days old.


In my experience, there’s a certain point where the tastes becomes good, and it stays relatively the same after that (until it goes bad after a few days).

Have you compared it with the taste of letting it sit in the fridge for a few hours? In many people’s experience it’s a vastly improved taste and texture. I personally can’t drink it straight-mixed, it’s that bad to me.

I think, generally, 1.6 is better cold, I also drink 2.0 cold if I can. It’s different, but not enough for me to care. I can understand people not liking it, it’s a different flavor. I was out of lunch and just had fresh mixed 1.6 again today.

That said, mixed 1.6 always goes into the fridge, and opened 2.0 that I don’t finish goes in the fridge.
I figure that’s just safe/sanitary/keep from spoiling practice.

I make my two pitchers the night before and refrigerate. Next morning it’s ice cold with better/smoother mouth feel. Much more pleasant than fresh made.