An efficient product should have an efficient web-sight


I’m not a web designer, or even good with computers, but anyone can see that the web-sight is lacking many things that my generation is looking for. To begin, it’s hard to picture yourself using the product (I’m not a married Asian male in an upscale apartment, or a business woman); the web-sight should appeal to a wider variety of individuals who’d actually want to buy suck a unique product. I for example am in the United States Air Force, I have money, but no time; a lot of Airmen work shifts and can only eat frozen meals to stay full. I also became interested because I had broken my arm, and feel as if I’m starving to death because I cannot cook a good meal. But what about the busy parents who don’t have time to see their families? Or the college student living on Ramen? Or the traveler in need of food but has little space to carry it?
Show young people, busy people, and think outside the box, because oh so few of your customers are attractive business woman.
The web-sight is too simple, with a lack of information. Anyone with a curious mind (most of your customers) would be unsatisfied with what’s on the web-sight and search for more information else where, where you can’t control (I did). Don’t let too many people form a negative opinion of your product before they’ve tried it.
Which is why you should consider selling it cheaper, or giving a free sample, for first-time buyers.
And last, the most prominent issue, your shipping. 5 to 6 weeks!? That’s insanity in today’s world, where the majority of people, especially younger generations, have short attention spans and want things right-meow. I don’t know the reason behind it, but that needs to be more reasonable. The web-sight did state that overseas shipping wasn’t an option, but APO addresses are not considered at all. Do some research on that, making that an option would allow military overseas to buy your product (and I think it would take well ). And then you need to have an option for a different shipping address; no one wants to spend $70+ on something with a “we will email you!”. It’s very untrustworthy.


No matter who the person on the site is someone is not going to be happy and someone wont feel represented.


Why do you spell it web-sight?


Yes, but those on the site now aren’t anything close to your average Joe or Jane, or even people I’d imagine using the product in a realistic setting. I couldn’t help but laugh at the business woman sipping her Soylent like it were tea or coffee.


Yeah, me and my female roommate were both cracking up at how slick the video was. But ultimately people respond to high status images so I realize why they made it that way. I would have rather seen some students, weightlifters and construction workers drinking it.


I think they did a good job with the video :slight_smile:


I think the webSITE markets Soylent appropriately.

Show young people, busy people, and think outside the box, because oh so few of your customers are attractive business woman.

What? The people in the video are young. How young do you want them? Also, she’s a business woman. Does she appear to be the laziest business woman ever to you? She’s a busy business woman who now, thanks to Soylent, has time to do more things.


“I’m not a web designer, or even good with computers, but anyone can see that the web-sight is lacking many things that my generation is looking for. To begin, it’s hard to picture yourself using the product (I’m not a married Asian male in an upscale apartment, or a business woman)”

Wow… I don’t even… Is this real life??


Yeah, but some of us ARE attractive business women, so it was kind of nice to see representation there. :wink:

Anyway, wasn’t the business woman also attending a fighting class? And wasn’t the other woman in the video a young blonde, out jogging and hiking with another young guy? Isn’t Rob a young guy? And didn’t they show Soylent packed with a bunch of camping/hiking gear (for travel)? Don’t college students sit at computers and look at books and go on hikes, too?

The video could have included more diversity, on several axes, absolutely; for instance, as someone with a chronic illness, I can tell you there will almost certainly be interest in Soylent among the disabled community, and we won’t see ourselves in that video. But it’s one video, out of hopefully a much broader marketing campaign. They’ll have to see what market segments seem worth pursuing and use different approaches for different groups. You’re probably right, @Kimmy, that they’ll want to pursue the military market, too; that makes sense.

But I don’t think it was really short on the “young, busy people” front, and I don’t think it was bad for a video trying to appeal to as broad a segment of the population as possible. Besides, at this point, their customer base probably is going to be more business people than college students, until the prices come down a little further.


websight sounds like one of spiderman’s superpowers


Hey. Hey. The tubby guys need some representation too.

j/k who wants to see that?


I thought it was a very inciteful eggcorn, if a little punishing, actually. It’s the portal through which we see the piece of the internet inhabited by rosa labs.


I couldn’t resist.


I actually thought it was a play on words at first…


Nice tip of the hat to @rob :wink:


I couldn’t give less of a f**** about the models used, the real problem that’s probably damaging sales right now is broken mobile access. The site doesn’t work on my iPad - no video and no functional Purchase link. I buy everything on my iPad, it’s shocking to see a modern website design so out of touch.


I found the website from a marketing standpoint to be quite good. I like the minimalistic feel of all the products as well, black/white sparse, yet it doesn’t make it seem cheap or generic. The video is good, I like that Rob is serious, I guess it just makes me feel like a scientist developed the formula so I can trust it will work. I think this is what early adopters want to see. When they go to the masses, then they can modify the style of the advertising.


Eh, honestly I think they should have waited to launch this site since they are absolutely not ready to take new orders anyway. The 4-6 weeks shipping isn’t the end-goal, that’s just what the estimate is right now while they are trying to claw their way out of this enormous sea of pre-orders.


I do agree there should have been more emphasis on busy and lazy people. We all know what we are :wink:

The website looks great, but it is admittedly only a front page with a couple of spare supplementary pages. And since the look is going for the extra clean organised minimal layout, there isn’t a huge amount of information.

@Kimmy is quite right that there should be more. You want all your initial information, forming that usually impossible to change first opinion coming from you. You google Soylent and you get complaints on here and media talking about how they kinda like it but they find it weird and don’t know if it’ll be a fad and lots of using the word “claims”.

A few more obvious links taking you to supplementary pages that give more information than the current FAQ would be good… excerpts from the blog showing the evolution and process, clickable to take you to the original. You give a little information that links to the place it came from, interested people always follow it to find out more - thus you’re funnelling their interest and searching efforts towards the blog and similar places. Links to suitable topics on here where people discussed important questions with a positive outcome. Bits from Robs blog, from the DIY pages (and no, a tiny link at the very bottom just ain’t cutting it), the first v1.0 experience blog post from Lee Cauble.

A little link to a blog at the bottom just doesn’t do much. Newcomers click it, glance over the latest few posts, and there’s none of the information they’re looking for - but it’s there if they dig far enough back. Wouldn’t be too difficult to do it for them, and make those posts highly visible on the main site.

And I know the whole point was going for a scientific clinical feel… but all those sham wonder drugs do the same thing and I suppose I associate it too highly with them.

“Look at all these fit, healthy professionals taking our latest product, ShitMeNot™. You’ll be so healthy after taking this product for 9 years, all your ex partners will be begging you to come back! Just five monthly instalments starting with your first born son and ending with 5kg of gold bullion, this can all be yours! Listen to my clear, professional, accent free female voice making this whole thing sound like another money grabbing health scam, from the same group that bought you amazing wonder products such as BeefyPills™, WorkoutJuice™ and ViagraSuperPlus™” I half expected there to be a sped up voiceover of a guy reeling off legal disclaimers at the end.