An error occurred. Please check your credit card details and try again


Just tried to purchase the product but the site is returning the error “An error occurred. Please check your credit card details and try again.”. I have tried several browsers and know the card is fine. Is there a problem with the purchasing system right now? Any help would be great.

Thank you




Corrected email. For the children.




You didn’t happen to hit the site via, did you? Check your browser history. From this thread you can see someone was effectively hijacking the site on the .nu domain. We don’t know what they were attempting to do, unfortunately. So they may have captured your payment info if that is the site you accessed.


You gave me a scare haha. Just checked and nope its showing .me for all the history today. I emailed info back when I started the post but have yet to get a reply yet.

Thanks for the help though!


Glad that wasn’t the case!


I actually looked into this more and am pretty sure I did use the .nu domain instead… I read through the recent post talking about how its not actually a hijacking site but pretty sure I am about to cancel my credit card used. On top of this I now navigated back to the real site and tried again and this time it did work. I don’t know what the site was doing but the fact that it does seem like my credit info may have been given to them is really disheartening.


That is very interresting… I hope someone is looking into it if they are somehow phishing with that site.