An Idiot Cleaning His Pitcher

Hello there! I would just like to give a little suggestion that would have helped me a lot. I am lazy and I’m not a big cleaner so I never really used a reuseable water bottle quite as often as I use the Soylent pitcher. I had read the instructions but I had never really looked at the forums. I used to only remove the screw top when cleaning the pitcher. I had read that you didn’t want to overtighten the top otherwise you might run into leaking issues. So when I had tried to remove the handle part and it wouldn’t come off easily, I thought that maybe this wasn’t supposed to come off. I didn’t want to force it because I didn’t want to ruin the seal and ruin the pitcher I had just got. Jump ahead a little bit and I had cleaned it a couple times with soap. All of a sudden every batch I made tasted terrible. Very soapy and just bad. Apparently this was because the soap and particles of Soylent were stuck up under the screw off handle piece. Once I figured this out and removed that part and cleaned it separately, everything was completely fine. I really enjoy Soylent, not just the product but the idea of it. That is why I didn’t throw it in the trash and never buy it again. But I’m sure someone out there had a similar issue and maybe didn’t stick it through. So my suggestion is to include some cleaning instructions with either the release notes or any of the documentation that comes with Soylent. Maybe I missed it, but then that means there could be an exposure problem. Keep up the good work!

TL;DR: Post pitcher cleaning instructions clearly so idiots like me wont try to contaminate their Soylent with soap and spoiled product.


I liked the pitcher from RF and had no problems with it for years. That was until I followed the suggestion of some genius from Canada and bought

Nalgene 2121-0005 Wide-Mouth Bottle, Polypropylene, Large, 2L

from Amazon. This bottle doesn’t have a handle and is a dream to clean. It is about $20 but the one purchase changes your life as a Soylent powder user. Although Ihave the RF pitcher cleán and waiting, I can no longer bear to use it because the Nalgene bottle is so much better.


$37 here. Ouch.

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Sorry about the price! I’m not getting a kickback, I promise! But RF should use its bulk-buying power to make a reasonable deal on these bottles available for all customers.


That seems suspiciously like what someone getting a kickback would say…


Well, if it’s a kickback, if the person sending the money sees this, PLEASE SEND ME MY MONEY!


I gave up on mine and tossed it. There was an odor that persisted even after aggressive cleaning and sanitizing techniques were employed. Now I use a good ol’ half gallon mason jar. The shape is not as good, but the performance is better.

I’ve recommended it before, I’ll recommend it again: this Frigoverre glass pitcher. (Available many places, including quite cheaply at The Container Store if you have one nearby; this is the current cheapest non-Amazon seller.)

It’s glass, much nicer than plastic; the seal is great; no problem cleaning in the dishwasher or by hand. I do recommend you unscrew the (plastic) lid to clean it. I’ve been using mine since there first was Soylent.

I second that! The Frigoverre glass pitcher is great. I picked up two for $9.95 each at the Container Store. I like the glass much better than plastic.

Back in 1.0 days I complained on the forum that I found it hard to clean the pitcher because I couldn’t get my hand through the opening. Somebody kindly pointed out that the colored plastic part with the handle screws off, making the opening much wider. I had no ideer it came off.


That should cost like a dollar at the dollar store. $37 is crazy.


Also, all the odor-causing gunk seems to be because of stuff caught in the crevice between the red collar and the clear container. If you don’t remove it, you’re never really cleaning it… if you remove it, it’s suddenly easy to clean.

I was disappointed that the Pitcher had 6 parts.
-handle rubber
-Two gaskets

I think I managed to clean it twice, before leaving it on the counter and letting leftover soylent rot inside of it.
I ordered one of the frigoverre pitchers recommended in this thread. Having two parts should be much easier to clean.
Also started getting gallons of distilled water from the store, and then mixing soylent inside once it reaches half (nothing to clean afterwards!) But it can be difficult to get the powder into.