An Inexplicably Simple Way to Expand Influence

To any Soylent Team member that it may concern, or any general user who knows a better place to make my proposition,
My name is Derek Scott and I am a grade 11 student at Longfields Davidson Heights in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada apart of a Entrepreneurship club for charity known as IC Change. Our major client is a local food bank helping families who struggle to put food on the table. I have been extremely interested in Soylent for quite a while now, and have just ordered my own 12 bottles today. I have introduced this company to the leaders of the club and we are interested in cooperating.
We currently are planning on hosting a community carnival in May in which we’d like to invite our city’s mayor. If your company is interested, we’d like to ask if you’re willing to not only perhaps make a charitable donation to our club and thus to local food banks, but also consider selling Soylent and perhaps giving a presentation at this club carnival. Not only would this allow your company to expand your acclaim here in Canada, but it would also help local families in need.
Please respond back letting us know what you’d be interested in doing with us if anything. We would be willing to be a wholesale purchaser for resale with permission if organizing a representative to visit Barrhaven is too difficult. I look forward to hearing from you.
Derek Scott

Hey Derek,

For requests like this we generally ask that they be sent to so they are read by the people most relevant to the discussion.

All the best,



Thank you very much Conor. I just sent them one now.

All the best to you as well,