An oil pump and jug combo that work


For my vegan Soylent (could also be diy) I wanted to get a pump so that I wouldn’t have to measure the oil every time. I found a pump and jug combo that works perfectly! Best of all, two pumps gives 52ml of oil which is about perfect.


If you’re using an oil blend, you can just pour them both into the jug and mix them (I use canola and olive). Don’t waste the money on a funnel like I did, you don’t need it.

BTW, this is what is missing from vegan soylent:
.77g DHA
1.15g EPA
48g canola oil


Not sure I need a giant gallon size, but a new hand soap dispenser - fresh from the store will likely work perfectly. I’m totally buying one next time I’m at the store.


Did it. I got a “lotion dispenser” from Wal-Mart and it’s working great