And Now For Something Completely Different (Pizza!?)


This is old news, but I just remembered it today: A few years ago a Scottish nutritionist teamed up with an entrepreneur to attempt to make an affordable, nutritionally balanced frozen pizza. And by all accounts, they succeeded in doing that. All this time later, though, and they STILL haven’t succeeded in bringing it to market at any scale, instead offering their pizzas to a few vendors in the UK and operating a food truck that serves them to various sporting events.

Their philosophy is “Health by stealth,” and I’m pleased to see that they’re still in business.

There are some aspects to this product that make it nutritionally inferior to the current trend of powdered nutrition spurred by Soylent, but it’s also pizza, so…

What do you guys think?


Now that is awesome. I hope they do better in the future, maybe once Soylent et al bring this issue of nutrition to the mainstream.


I wouldn’t exactly say that the issue of nutrition isn’t already mainstream. The issue is that people (most anyway) currently need to believe that food = solid matter that we chew. So something like a super healthy pizza would be more acceptable - EXCEPT that we already have pizzas, and people probably wouldn’t want to pay more for something they can already buy (not that they’re the same, but they’re both pizza so it would be easy to treat them as the same). I don’t know what the pricing of these complete pizzas is, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re more expensive than a conventional pizza. And since people generally treat pizza as a “treat” (it’s pizza night everyone! Yay!) I can see where this might not catch on as well as even something like Soylent.

Then again I’ve never eaten pizza in my life so… what do I know.



Yeah, no. Nutritional pizza is a big thing. And it’s also an approach to engineering nutrition that doesn’t discard traditional food (which is REALLY important for lots of people). I know people who eat like some disgustingly high percentage of their calories in the form of frozen pizzas - I WAS that guy for awhile in college - so I think you’d capture a good-sized chunk of the market if you could deliver a competitively priced pizza (within a few dollars of the unhealthy competition) that you can eat guilt-free.

To me the exciting thing is that potential, that we can start treating all sorts of convenience foods as engineered chunks of nutrition, so that someone who doesn’t feel like cooking and doesn’t mind spending a little more to have a convenient, nutritious option can pull any item out of the freezer and only have to think about the calories. Soylent’s filling that role and saving me some dishes in the process, but more is better. More is more better. Er.


Very common reaction. It never had any appeal for me. Never wanted anything to do with it, I find pizza pretty gross actually.