And now we have queal


The Soylent bandwagon is going strong.

What's your opinion about Queal?

Just when I was trying to decide to go with Joylent, it’s nice to see alternatives come in.
And I like the fact they have a choice of flavors.


I wonder if they’ll get in trouble for putting this on their site:

The Soylent of Europe, Nederland


Glad to see more alternatives pop up :slight_smile: specially here in Europe


Apple Pie flavour!

Yum yum :smile:


Queal costs $214.65 for 90 meals per month on the subscription plan, in today’s Euro to Dollar conversion, anyway. It has a variety of flavors and formulations. This is exciting stuff! We all knew that Soylent was going to bring a food revolution. It will be interesting to see what the next few years bring in the Soylent revolution.


Finally able to look at the nutrient breakdown. I think they may have a few typos there. It lists sodium as 1mg. I know they measure things differently in Europe but grams is grams. There have been questions here about the protein of Soylent at 114g and the queal is 147g. So just a first glance. Any other thoughts?


We put a lot of trust in people when we eat manufactured food. It’s good to be sure of what you’re getting.


I’m getting nothing at that web address right now.


They had a notice on the site earlier that said they were experiencing problems due to heavy traffic.


The contact form on their page doesn’t seem to be working either.


What? I thought Rosa Labs was the only company on the planet that suffered from too much interest. Shouldn’t you be able to put up a web site and instantly ship everywhere?

This was just a quick joke. I REALLY am not trying to start that discussion in this thread…


I finally got through to their page.

So, Queal puts the “soy” in soylent, as they say their main ingredients are oats, whey protein, and soya flour; further than that they don’t elaborate. Being European, they have no GMOs in their recipes. No fish oil, apparently, as they are vegetarian, but not (whey protein) vegan.

Their cofounder calls himself “Proactive. Trustworthy. Fun.”

“Queal” is short for “Quick Meal”.

And their “Make Your Own” link takes you straight to


Wonder if they’re a forum member here.


I got an email reply from them after I emailed them directly, they said their website hosting database is down and should be up again soon and they would be able to answer more questions next week.



You’ll know that Soylent has hit critical mass when Gatorade comes out with a version of its own. I’m guessing that will be… 16 months from now.


They are labelling their recipes as vegan on the DIY site, when they clearly contain whey protein.


On their own site they very specifically say vegetarian but not vegan.