And so it begins


Well. Everything arrived and I mixed up my first day batch of Soylent. I’m surprised how nice the stuff smells. Vanilla-y. I’m doing a 2400 calorie modification of the People Chow. Basically doubling the protein and supplementing the calories the rest of the way with oil. We’ll see if I need it all or what. Anyway… here’s the stuff, and down in front is the first ever soylent meal I will consume. It’s another 15 mins for it to become less grainy and we’ll dive in. excitement

ps - ignore the fact that it isn’t iodized salt. It will be by tomorrow. :wink:

edit: also, check it out - I made little packets of a days worth of the small stuff. Mega Men Sport, CalMag, Potassium Citrate, Choline Bitartrate, and salt. then sealed them up in these polybags with a sealer, and now I can do faster mixups of the daily if need be. It doesn’t include masa, protein, or oil. Will just be storing those in the dark of course, since the potassium will decay in light.


YES!!! Beautiful, simply beautiful!


I want some :confused: can you send me a mega men sport thingy? I can’t get it in europe heh (amazon wont ship)


Wow, that was shockingly uneventful.

First off, I wouldn’t say this is something that’s so tasty you want to sip on it and enjoy it. I was glad to get the whole meal down fairly quickly. On the other hand, it wasn’t at all unpleasant. It wasn’t divine in any way, but as far as being offensive, it certainly wasn’t. It is a bit gritty. Sitting for 30 mins was I’m sure helpful. An hour might be even better. I found 1 cup of the dry mix, 1/4 of my oil for the day, and filled to the top with water made it very drinkable. The flavor is basically quite neutral. I could smell a little vanilla in the mix, but the flavor is a 1-2 punch, starting out soft, bland and mildly sweet and finishing with a solid corn tortilla flavor. Thank goodness I like corn tortillas a lot. (One reason I thought this might be a good plan.)

Anyway, it feels rather filling, and I’ll report back as time goes on about my experiences with it.


Grab some stevia and cinnamon to add some flavor. Usually I do it straight but sometimes I want more variety. In tomorrow’s batch I’m going to try cocoa powder for the first time.


I’m bettin that will DEFINITELY require some sweetener. :slight_smile: But chocolate and corn are fine together - think tamales in mole… mmmmm…


I agree. Beautiful!

I’m about a month in on the same basic recipe (2000 calories) and the taste grows on you. I have found that regular food is getting “harder” to eat because it has so much flavor. I drink a little and then fill it with water. I keep it about half full until it is time to do a new bottle. I do four a day.

I gave up on the Ziploc bags. It seemed too much of a mess and I hate throwing things out. I use a 7 cup Ziploc container. A days worth is around 4-5 cups so it fits nice. I use a 1/3 cup measuring cup to fill my bottle. I trust the container lid more and I think it mixes easier. They are also washable and stackable. I tried smaller containers with screw on lids to hold 1/4 days worth but that was just to big a pain to make at night.

It’s funny watching my wife by $100’s of dollars worth of food and I’m getting better nutrition on under $4 a day. OK, it’s really not funny because I’m paying for it…


Cool, yeah, we now have a lot of ziplocs and not much use for them, but that’s better than using tons of them. We intend to reuse the bags. We may go to a rubbermaid container though after a while. We already bought 4 blender bottles, but I think what we might end up doing is buying 4 more so we have 4 blender bottles each, and putting the portion of powder and oil in when we mix it all up, then just adding the water to that an hour before we want to eat each meal. I found that letting it sit for 60 minutes was far preferable to 30 minutes.

Oh, also… one item not in my picture, but which I find invaluable in this situation:

It’s a canning funnel, and it’s made to make getting big ladles of stuff into bottles/jars with openings much narrower than the width of the ladle. Anyway, it fits nicely on top of the blender bottle, and allows me to use a 1 cup measuring cup and just kinda round it a little and that seems to be about right.


I did cocoa and stevia tonight instead of tomorrow. Yeah it was awesome.

I tried tupperware/rubbermaid containers and it was difficult to dump into the blender bottles whereas I can re-use the ziploc bags several times and dumping 8 oz into the blenderbottle from the bag is easy enough for me.


It will taste a lot better cold. And with cinnamon and sweetener, as @chris_bair said. :wink:


You’re going to hate it for about a week, but press through! You’ll be so happy you did, automatic perfect nutrition. You’ll completely stop noticing the grittiness after about a week or so, I actually had the same problem, and it just kind of went away after a while haha.


I prefer to use mason jars. I use one jar to measure out all the dry ingredients, and then store if I need to mix multiple days at a time. When I go to make my meal, then I like to use a 2L takeya pitcher to mix it in. I prefer to shake it with in the pitcher first, then use an immersion blender as a second pass.

I personally have a mild corn allergy, so I needed to stop using masa. I started using oat flour, and I’m actually really glad. I could never find a way to reduce the grit of corn masa. I’m using a combination of Oat, Milk, Brown Sugar and Maltodextrin. I’ve gotten the taste and texture down to Chocolate Milk. The best part over masa to me, is when you finish the glass, you don’t have a ton of grit on the bottom.

The important part here is continue to experiment and make it your own. I realize that nutrition is the primary reason we’re all doing this, but it’s nice if it tastes extremely good too. It helps to reinforce dietary adherence.


F’sho. If I had an immersion blender (it’s on my amazon wish list if you’re feeling generous…) I’d definitely use one for this.

The masa, as far as I can tell, most likely isn’t going to soften much past what you get from roughly an hour without it being heated. Unless I’m mistaken, the gritty parts of the masa that don’t soften up while sitting in cold water are what’s known as “nixtamal” which is the hard, fibrous portion of the corn located right at the base of the kernel. (Nixtamal is a Spanish word, not sure of an English equivalent.) That stuff, most of which gets removed during processing of the dried corn into corn flour - though not all of it, is what won’t soften without being heated in water.

I had actually thought briefly about heating the masa in the water first, then letting that cool and then mixing in the remainder of stuff to see if that might do it. I have a feeling it would work, but would probably/possibly make it all too thick, as the REST of the masa will also then absorb way more water and thicken the whole batch into what I expect would be a thick paste.

That’s just a theory though, and if anyone wants to test it, I’d love to hear results. :slight_smile:


So yesterday I ate my 4 meals, and never once did I feel full or satisfied after eating. Not even an hour or two later. In other words, I spent the whole day quite hungry. Since that’s not a viable path forward, I adjusted my recipe to be a 40/30/30 balance by increasing the protein powder to 165g, dropping masa to 302g, dropping oil to 64g, and tweaking the potassium and choline supps. It’s still a touch short on phosphorous and fiber though. Phosphorous I’m at 96% and figure I’d be ok at that level most likely but might up the masa to cover it, reduce the protein, and not be exactly at the ratio’s I want, if anyone thinks that 4% of phosphorous will matter. The increased protein REALLY makes a difference though in how sated I am after a meal. I had one almost 3 hours ago and I’m still going strong.

Because I live in the PNW and don’t get enough sunlight, ever, and am indoors, always, I may go ahead and take a vitamin d supplement via pill daily.


Having taken a look at some information around discourse as well as the wider net, I’ve come to the conclusion I’m much better off with olive oil than soybean oil. I’ve also decided to tweak a few other things in my recipe. Here’s where I’m heading right now:

  1. Vitamin K seems to be depeleted from oils after 24-48 hours in any kind of light. For this reason, I’m moving away from Soybean oil.
  2. Cheap Soybean Oil is assuredly a GMO Product, has a ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 of 7.5:1, and doesn’t contain any Omega-9’s - more reasons to move away from Soybean oil.
  3. An OPTIMUM ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 oils seems to be 2.3:1. I’m aiming for 4:1. American diets are reported to be between 10:1 and 20:1.
  4. Ratios higher than than the optimum apparently result in reduced absorption of 3’s, and cause inflammation throughout the body - this is a very real problem for me, I suffer from a number of inflammation related ailments.
  5. I’m switching to evoo as it has a better ratio of 10:1 on omega 6’s to omega 3’s.
  6. EVOO also has MOST of it’s oil in the form of Omega 9’s. This fits very nicely with my goal of 4:1, since this puts its relative amounts of 6’s and 3’s well below that of soybean oil. (I don’t have to make up as much.)
  7. To get the balance right, I’m supplementing with 6 flax oil pills per day, which is quite inexpensive (vs fish oil, which I’d like to be able to afford, but no, I can’t)
  8. To deal with the vitamin-k issue, I’m going to add vitamin K supplements, 2 kinds, alternating pills each day.
  9. I’m adding more fiber, because so far I seem to need more fiber than I’m getting. I used to take a metameucil supplement 2x per day, I’ve quit since starting soylent and yeah. It shows.

And here’s my updated recipe.


Looks good to me so far.
Why have you added a Vitamin D? You meet exactly 100% without it from the GNC and the cal/mag powder.
And curious why you choose 5000 instead of 1000 or even 2000?
On the NOW site it does say that the 5000 (when used as a diet suplement to take one every 2 days or as directed by a doctor.


Well, my doc had originally put me on 10,000 iu/day but one presumes I wasn’t getting enough from my diet. I have no idea why so much. I just figured since I have the 5000 iu pills I’d use one of those and be well, well over.

Also, I didn’t seem to hit the 800/day with the cal/mag and gnc powder.


Thats different if a doctor told you. You should follow your doctors advice.


Totally. My D levels were low in August, which is no surprise living in Seattle, and being indoors most of the time. So that’s when he put me on the extra D3. Like I say, I figure my diet was probably pretty low as well. If the nutrients weren’t available in meat and cheese, I didn’t get a lot of it over the past oh… three and a half decades.

Now that the dietary levels are more in check, it made more sense to see about dropping some of the additionals to see where that puts me but since it was a little below the 800 minimum when I did the recipe without a supplement, I just added that and figure it’s ok given what the doc told me to do before.