And then there is this. (Spoiler alert: free publicity for the "the case for soylent" campaign)


I came across this today:

Source: a guy blogged about it


I mean. Soylent for me is great, I don’t mind never having another food item (DIY Soylent for 2 months, never really had a craving)

But I don’t know how we’re going to convince people who are addicted to sugary, fatty foods to switch to a bland, liquid diet full time.

Kudos to you though, lets hope Rob and his team have something up their sleeve.


The ‘lead a horse to water’ idiom didn’t become that by accident :smile:



Very good way to explain the situation lol

I do honestly feel that kids today are lazy, and the obesity issue comes down to no discipline.

It takes a LOT of discipline to say, “I don’t need muggle food, my health is more important.”


But this assumes you’re consuming Soylent for health reasons. Personally I’m not at all. That’s a pretty nifty side benefit, but has absolutely nothing to do with my instant decision to order a month’s worth the moment I found out about it last summer. I think there are a wide variety of motivations for switching to a mostly or all-Soylent diet, but “my health is more important” is just one of them.


If there’s one thing I’m confidant will bring people over to the Soylent side, it’s how undeniably, immensely convenient it is.


Evolution in action. And it isn’t necessary to be full time…

That’s what I’m after. For various reasons, eating is no longer enjoyable for me, and I just want to get it over with. This seems the easiest way to do that, and has the side effect of better nutrition.


Speaking as someone who is addictd to sugary, fatty foods, it can be awfully hard to avoid those things. Even supposedly healthy meals can be loaded with addicting substances. Hence the appeal of Soylent. I don’t care if it’s bland - just give me my nutrition and get me off of the junk. Flavor is secondary.


We were astonished a few years back when we learned of the potential issues surrounding aspartame, and started carefully reading labels to avoid it. It’s in freaking EVERYTHING, especially if you try to go for the lower calorie “diet” prepared meals. Could not believe how many things, even things that don’t register as “sweet” at all, contained that stuff. And like you said - “supposedly healthy meals”. Scary. My reasons for going Soylent are not health related, but that’s one heck of an awesome side benefit! Bring it on!!! =D


I am not sure what you define as bland, but it’s all relative. After a week or so of my DIY, it began to become a nuanced delicacy to me. Now when I take a break, as I do for various reasons, and have for example a bacon and egg roll from a cafe, I notice the difference sure, but find it a bit like I am eating concentrated flavourings out of a chefs pantry. Sure tastes great, but way way to much to eat every day every meal. So I find myself craving what months ago I doubted could sustain me. Now I sometimes wonder if I have messed up and put in the wrong proportions of something. But no. I have just stopped assaulting my pallate and given it a chance to experience my food for what it is. Fuel.


I’m addicted to sugary, fatty foods. I can’t wait for my Soylent to get here so I can start to break that addiction. :smile: