Anderson Cooper has a Soylent mini-fridge


Interesting snippet from a Hollywood Reporter piece on Anderson Cooper.

2 P.M. MONDAY, AUG. 13 … Every so often, he takes a swig of coffee-flavored Soylent, his second bottle of the day. “I don’t care about food,” he says, nodding toward the mini-fridge stocked with the energy drink that purports to provide all known human nutritional needs. “So I’m trying to replace all food with this because it would be, like, three fewer decisions in a day.”

And to think I already believed he was the perfect man.

Edit: whoops, forgot the link


I had to pause at “energy drink”.:weary:


I did too, but I’m going to assume he’s only got the coffee flavored variety in there, which does contain caffeine, so I’m gonna let it slide this time.