Android Water App


I am terrible at drinking enough water. So when I saw an Android app on the Google Play Store called Water Your Body, I immediately downloaded it – it’s free. It tracks your water usage and reminds you if you haven’t drunk water for awhile by making a realistic sound of pouring water. When you drink water, you press a plus sign in the app and it records it on a graph.

I’ve only had the app for a day, but I find it useful and am looking forward to seeing if actually consuming enough water affects my health.


Vessyl, currently scheduled for release in 4Q 2015, also promises to track water consumption. Among many features, it will “estimate your unique hydration needs and adjust them based on your activities and whereabouts. It helps you learn when in the day you need to pay more attention to hydration and lets you easily check how you’re doing meeting your hydration needs.”


Thanks for the link to Vessyl @Ric. Looks like a promising product that would work well with my use of MyFitnessPal and a FitBit.


It looks great for those who want to take advantage of the pre-order special – only $119! And, of course, wait till the fourth quarter, if it is ready then.


This looks pretty damn awesome.


We ordered two of them immediately when they first were announced. I just couldn’t resist. Bummed that they’ve slipped until late 2015 now, but that’s OK… just gonna wait patiently, and appreciate it that much more when it gets here!


It’s like Soylent all over again, eh? Haha


geez, apps for everything. Makes me wonder how we as humans survived for so long without them!


Hope you don’t have a full bladder!

Vessyl is so expensive, I can’t imagine them being particularly successful. It might be useful for tracking booze calories though, if it works as advertized


I have a hard time seeing Vessyl as being a mass market adoption kinda thing. I mean, most people just plain won’t care to that degree. It really seems like a tailor-made-for-Soylent product IMO. I think their marketing angle of “it will tell you what’s in your cup!” is completely stupid and hurts them way more than it helps. But, as long as we get ours and they work, I’ll be happy.


I wonder what the Vessyl will say if you put Soylent inside?
Baby Formula?


I really like the lid cover. Even if it was just just a cup that didn’t do anything but hold liquids inside, the design itself is very sleek. In fact, I wish they made available a non-technological/electronic version of this for 20-40 dollars on Amazon. I know there is something like it where you have to push something to drink but I prefer the sliding lid design.


But at the same time, isn’t Soylent sort of uniquely qualified to not require something like Vessyl? I mean, we know how many calories are in a pouch, how those calories fit into a pitcher, how to measure out individual servings, and what a serving size should be. For a meal, I just pour Soylent into a 16oz cup and call it a day, or else eyeball it from the pitcher, and I always know how much I’ve had within maybe 200 calories


The issue is for someone like myself who simply fills a 20oz container and drinks till its empty, then fills it again and drinks till it’s empty or I’m done for the day in which case it goes into the fridge to be finished the next day. I don’t have “meals” and I don’t drink measured amounts in full every time. So Vessyl actually is perfect as it will log whatever I actually DO drink - even if it’s only 1/5 of the container.

But yeah, if you always pour yourself 500ml and drink it all at every sitting… then there isn’t much need.