Announcing our new project, The WundrBar!

Hey everyone!

It’s not always convenient to bring your soylent-esque shake with you. Weird looks in public, shakers that pop open, or just missing something to chew? That’s why we’ve developed WundrBar, a complete meal in a bar.

The WundrBar is a complete meal bar that acts as an in-between snack or an on-the-go energy booster.
Take one with you during your morning jog, a trip on the train, or sitting at your work desk trying to get those creative juices flowing.

Since September of last year we’ve been working on making this a reality. During several focus groups in March of this year some of you gave us valuable feedback, and now we’re finally ready for launch.

Have a look at our site and get yourself an early bird discount!

WundrBar (pow(d)ered by Queal)

P.s. Want to check out how WundrBar compares with other bars? See it here.


Did you run out of e’s?

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Also you need to check your web server:

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Shoot! Sorry about that.
You might not be able to access it because it’s a Bitly link.

Try this one instead:
That one should do the trick :slight_smile:

When you say you’re

Do you actually mean you’re €44,243 away from being ready to launch?

Soy crisps as one of the carb source is a big red flag to me.

Could you explain a bit more why you consider soy crisps to be a red flag?

Some people are sensitive to isoflavone in soy.

Another bar (okay not really a bar so much as a cake) is Meal Squares, and I love these. I’d like to see how your bar compares.

I do not feel safe with soy as a protein source, but it has probably been discussed enough here already. Sugary maltodextrin (it has a high glycemic index) as a carb source is also not appealing. Seeing as it can promote the growth of unhealthy bacteria. I’d rather have xylitol as a sugar / carb source. Seeing as xylitol is antibacterial and can thereby in theory help protect teeth. Yet in my book, the fewer simple carbohydrates the better. Fiber however can help to combat the negative effects associated with high-glycemic ingredients. This is more of a concern for liquid foods.

“…a complete meal bar that acts as an in-between [uuh, meals??] snack”. Which is it, a meal or a snack?

I’d say it’s whatever you want it to be. Eat a little of something and you can call it a snack, eat a lot and you can call it a meal, eat even more and you can call it a mistake.