Another Australian DIY Recipe


I’ve been tinkering with @MetaSynapse’s recipe and have come up with my own, based on the Australian NHMRC’s nutrient suggestions for a 19-30yo male with a very light activity level (most of my day is spent at a desk). I also take a fish oil pill and a multi-vitamin daily.

It’s milk based (as I love milk) and has some uniquely Australian ingredients such as Milo and CSR Logicane Low GI sugar. Due to not having any wheat/oat based flour in it, there’s no chalky taste and no sediment or the like that sinks to the bottom overnight. It tastes pretty much like Milo with a banana in it.

I just pop all the ingredients (bar the pills) into a blender, put it on high for 45 sec, then pour it into shaker cups with lids that I put in the fridge and have throughout the day. This makes 4x ~450ml serves that I consume throughout the day (but normally, I just consume 3/day, leave the 4th for the next day and share dinner with my partner). I don’t find myself hungry after drinking it, but do find myself wanting a bit more of it. Maybe it’s because I’m used to such large portions of “regular” food, that I’m not used to drinking one cup of something and leaving it at that.

Here it is up on DIY Soylent:

The only thing not quite right with it is the fact it has a lot of calcium in it (3.2g, where as the upper limit is 2.5g), which perhaps over time, could lead to some sort of kidney stones if you don’t drink enough water. I’d also like to incorporate a different source of choline instead of the choline bitartrate, possibly with something that wouldn’t impact the taste too much, but give it a bit more substance so it’s more filling.

If you’ve got any feedback, I’d be keen to hear it :smile:


I love seeing more Aussie recipes, too many use Amazon for ingredients which is disappointing.
Yeah calcium is high but at least it gets a good mix with phosphate so your dental health should improve I think.
Keep us informed as you go about how it works for you, I’d love to hear your results.