Another Eating Hurdle to Tackle?

I gotta say I really appreciate Soylent and what it does for my lifestyle and food related goals. A food that is cheap, meets my daily nutritional and caloric needs, assists in maintaining my obsessive eating habits… mostly.

I don’t know about anyone else but I have an unhealthy relationship with food. I would say I’m addicted, that I obsessively and blindly eat. That is before Soylent. It helps set up parameters for eating. I pay this much a month and only get so much food a month so I can only have so much/many bottles a day or there will be a day I won’t have anything to eat. Those boundaries help me maintain a consistent eating schedule with proper portions.

However my snacking cravings are strong. I don’t buy any food other than Soylent but once in a while someone else will buy something and never eat it. Just let it sit for weeks with no real intention of eating it. I don’t understand this, how do you buy food without an immediate plan to eat it? But like a jar of pickles. A jar of peanut butter. Less healthy items like a bag of m&ms. It’ll come to my attention they forgot they even bough tit and don’t want it so it’s then up for grabs. My self control lessens over time and I know I should just throw away the item, out of sight and out of mind, but I may end up thinking well what’s the harm in having a taste and before I know it I’ve mindlessly snacked on the entire bag or jar in one sitting. I’m not hungry, I’m not enjoying the food, I’m mindlessly eating it while watching tv or something. I’ve long known food is not entertainment and does not consolidate entertainment but given the chance I’ll obsessively eat just because. I want to emphasize I am not hungry or really want it but the food being there I dunno my self control is weak when the food is right in front of me for so long.

Anyway, I was thinking that Soylent has been great, that it’s solved my issues with food… mostly. It solved my portion control, assisted in giving proper nutrition, and the lower price than 20 to 25 dollars a day is nice. I used to gorge daily without thinking about it. And on things that weren’t the best for me. But there are those times I end up mindlessly snacking.

So I was wondering if there’s a place for a product out there to facilitate this mindless eating. I’ve recently tried to not fight the mindless eating but to embrace it. But I don’t want extra calories so I turned to lettuce. Bags of iceberg or romaine lettuce. It has a satisfying crunch but the lack of taste leaves much to be desired. I may be quite the minority but what about a product to mindlessly eat that has a decent enough taste with satisfying mouth feel? One that could be used in conjunction with Soylent that wouldn’t add significant calories? Soylent brand mindless eating chips or something.

I’m fine eating the same thing every day. I’ve been nearly 100% Soylent for all my meals since April. Before that I ate the same meals for months of chicken breast and veggies in attempt of healthy eating to have the most accurate calorie count possible before I discovered Soylent which helped me reach that goal. So variety in taste isn’t an issue, not for me at least. So a bland but not too bland and calorie minimal food to snack on mindlessly to have with tv or something. I mean, have you ever noticed when mindlessly eating say popcorn at the movies you get ot a point you’re paying more attention to the movie and aren’t even noticing the popcorn taste. You get into a rhythm of scooping popcorn into your mouth but not really enjoying it. I’ve noticed that. So I feel even worse when I’ve ingested all these calories with no payoff. I’m not eating movie popcorn for nutrition, I’m eating it for entertainment in conjunction with the movie. And when I’m not even paying attention to the experience then what’s the point? I’m left feeling empty and down that I upped my caloric intake for nothing.

A guilt-free snacking food. Minimal calories with satisfying enough taste and texture. Isn’t that the dream? Is it even possible? Is that something Rosa Labs would be interested in? I see articles that Soylent is all about “hacking” food and eating and diet and whatever. If that’s true why stop at just “hacking” the nutrition side of things? Why not the psychological side as well? The mindless snacking side?

I know it’d probably be more advantageous to, like, practice better self control or see a professional but it’s not like I haven’t tried my best. It’s why I’m using Soylent in the first place, to try to help my issues to reach my weight and health goals. But those urges to snack are hard to overcome. And a different snack that might could not leave me feeling defeated and guilty and like I made a huge mistake would be nice. So when those urges hit I can be comfortable there’s an answer that won’t destroy me.

Yadda yadda ramble ramble. Thoughts?


rice cakes

are the traditional solution to this problem.
Some are actually tasty.

The Institute of Medicine recommends that adult males ingest 3.7 liters/day of water. A package of Soylent 1.5 mixed according to directions contains about half of that. You may want to try mixing your daily Soylent in a 4-liter pitcher full of water. You will have four meals and four snacks, for example, rather than just four meals. As an added bonus, you get the water that you need.

I’d mindlessly eat an entire package of them. A rice cake is around 35 to 60 calories per cake and like 15 a bag that’s 525 to 900 calories a bag… that’s over two bottles of 2.0! Maybe if the entire bag were 35 to 60 calories… But I’m just dreaming, maybe down right delusional…

edit: I also have my daily intake of water each day. I have bottles I refill and have to drink through each day throughout the day. And I’ll still have the urges to mindlessly eat.

This may just need to be something I gotta seek professional help or double down my self control efforts.

I also have some strong desires for snacks, especially at night when I sit down to watch tv/movie. I used to only eat about 1500 calories of Soylent a day and would snack at night on popcorn or pretzels. But recently I’ve switched to eating 2000 calories of Soylent. I have a 500 cal. serving when I sit down to a movie or show. Also, finding something else to do with my hands (like noodling on guitar while watching) has helped as well.

But I agree with the premise of a low impact snack. I tried celery and that helped but didn’t really satisfy taste wise.

The problem with lettuce or celery is that they don’t stay fresh for very long so I’d have to go to the store more often.

I never tried rice cakes, I could give those a shot.

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I’d love to have something that replicated the crunch experience of corn chips while not actually having any calories. But I’m pretty sure that all that undigestible bulk (calorie-free, right?) going into my stomach would give my gut bacteria a feast. Maybe that could be a good thing if you have the right kind of fiber and gut bacteria. Could also cause a lot of gas. :stuck_out_tongue:

The convenient thing about celery is that it’s mostly water. And popcorn is mostly air. Maybe something like popcorn that was air and fiber, rather than air and carb calories…


A very low-calorie food with a pleasant and satisfying taste seems like a difficult proposition, since it tends to be fats and simple carbs that make food taste good and satisfying. That said, the best suggestion I can think of is unbuttered popcorn. Popcorn has a satisfying crunch and, without butter, is not that high in calories. Depending on how much you would be eating you could maybe drizzle or spray a little olive oil on it and add some seasonings (can probably find all sorts of ideas on google for how to season popcorn), but you’d have to be careful because even healthy oil is high in calories, plus you might need to mind your sodium intake with the seasonings.

I’m not any kind of expert, though, and it does sound like this is an issue that merits seeking professional help.

If you don’t mind my asking, I’m curious about the fact that you mentioned feeling compelled to eat or dispose of items like a jar of pickes or peanut butter left uneaten by others (I’m assuming housemates or family members?). To me, keeping things like that around for weeks is not at all unusual, because I would tend to use pickles or peanut butter as ingredients in other foods (a PB&J sandwich, toppings on a burger) that I don’t prepare every single day or even every week. I would be unlikely to consume things like that by themselves in large quantities, and it’s not unusual that they would remain in my fridge or cupboard for long periods of time.

This piques my interest because I once had a roommate – a stranger from Craigslist; bad idea from the get-go – who would drive me up the walls by constantly eating my food, even though I kept telling him not to and blowing up at him about it. I was really perplexed by it, though, because often the foods that would go missing were inexplicable as meal choices – once, an entire bottle of syrup and a loaf of bread, which he confessed to me that he (supposedly) ate together. Or a large quantity of sugar and flour even though I never knew him to cook or bake. Various condiments, and other odd things I’ve now forgotten. He claimed on some occasions that it was because he was hard up for money and had no choice but to eat any food he could get his hands on for sustenance, but his other behavior was not consistent with this (other than the fact that he failed to pay his rent for months, leaving me on the hook). I hadn’t considered that he might have had an obsessive or compulsive eating issue.

Has it been your experience that you have felt driven to eat, or wound up mindlessly eating, things that other people would consider unusual to consume in large quantities, like condiments? Or unusual combinations of things? I’m wondering if that could have been the reason for my roommate’s behavior.

If that’s prying or you don’t care to answer, certainly feel free not to. I’ll happily step off.


This topic reminds me of one of my new objections to Soylent 2.0.

When you make a powdered version of Soylent, you usually make a day or so’s worth at a time. You can watch the pitcher and see how much you have left. I recently bought 60 bottles of 2.0. All I do for another meal is grab another bottle. I lose track of how much I’ve had that day. And since the bottle is a relatively small 400 calories, it’s a pretty good snack size for me – so why not have another bottle!

Of course with the powdered version I would automatically be placing myself completely on notice that I was overdoing my usual dose – I would have to make another pitcherfull!

So for me, 2.0 makes it easier for me to overconsume, mindlessly.

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I keep track of how much Soylent (and anything else) I’ve had with the MyFitnessPal app. Or if you don’t want to mess with an app, maybe you could leave your empty bottles somewhere in clear sight of the fridge until the end of the day?

I think the peanut butter is the weirdest thing I’ve even in large quantities. Used to it was a good snack to me to have a spoonful of peanut butter and an apple. But it got to the point I was eating an entire bag of apples and two jars of peanut butter. So in attempts to curb that I’d only get the peanut butter or bag of apples but I’d still find myself eating the entire bag or jar on its own before I knew it. It starts off with some self control. I make a deal with myself that okay I can have some peanut butter as a snack but only one spoonful at a time. But then I start watching something when I ate it and realized I didn’t really enjoy the food so I talk myself into getting another spoonful. Then it progresses to more and more and I’m like well okay I can have a couple spoonfuls but not the whole jar. So instead of leaving it in the kitchen I take it with me. And well it’s a slippery slope for me. One inch and my cravings take a mile. I usually end up feeling sick by the end of it. Who wouldn’t eating an entire jar or package of something? So it’s not like I enjoy it after or during (since I’m usually distracted by something).

I’ve tried pure will power, self control, and other methods like out of sight out of mind. But my family brings in food they don’t touch for weeks or months (if it were a roommate no way would I even consider it, that’s totally not cool, and even with my family I check first. I shouldn’t even check, I know, then I wouldn’t feel compelled but it’s in times of weak self control I suppose?). Last month, I think it was, I noticed a bag of baking chocolate chips in the freezer that had been there for at least a year (yes, they were still good). I had forgotten they were there as I hardly ever opened the freezer (I had gotten one of those freezer packs that keep drinks cool in lunch boxes as I started bring Soylent to work rather than waiting to have all four in one sitting after work, but that’s another story) and inquired about it and they had also been forgotten, they were for Christmas cookies the prior year that were never made and were going to go to waste cause no cookies or events were planned this year (another long story, basically family issues after my grandmother passed recently. these reasons got layers, I tell ya) so they needed to go ahead and be used to thrown out. But I ended up snacking on them for a couple of days. This was a HUGE bag so I’d grab a handful at a time before I caught myself going back several times between YouTube commercials and said no no no can’t do this with just straight up chocolate that’s just sugar and dumped the whole thing in the garbage. i had to. I’m glad I was able to stop when I did but some damage was already done.

Yeah writing all that out it really seems like I just need some professional help. It sounds so ridiculous. But I could see me in the moment if confronted making some excuse about it. Like I was short on money or something like your roommate. He may have had some unhealthy relationship with food too. I said peanut butter was the weirdest thing I’d eaten on its own but that’s not totally true. When I first moved to Soylent back on 1.4 I did occasionally dab a drop or two of hot cause on my hand and taste it but never like had a whole bottle. I only did it two or three times just to have a little different flavor but then I got more used to Soylent and enjoyed it’s subtle sweet but blandness and stopped that.

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When you grab your first bottle of the day, take out four others from the little cardboard house they come in and place them next to it. Keep the “current day” bottles outside the box so when they’re all gone you know you’re done. Alternatively if you don’t usually put the cardboard box in the fridge, you can put one of them in there and then place the “current day” bottles inside the cardboard home and have the rest outside it.

The point is that with the pitcher I didn’t have to follow any suggestions – the product kept track of itself. If I use any of the suggestions you made, I have to remember to do them! With 1.5 keeping track is something that just happens automatically.

Ok, this is not the end of the world. But I think it’s a disadvantage of 2.0.

I have had kind of the same problem with Soylent 2.0. By the end of the day I’m not really hungry enough to have to drink the 5th bottle. I think 5 is just too big a number for my small brain to keep track of. If there were three 667 kcal bottles then I don’t think I would have any trouble. Its not a big deal, just different.

I would love Soylent in something like a one gallon milk jug. The transparent plastic would let me know how much I have left and the single container would allow me to use whatever amount I like. People will complain whichever way they go so it is a no win for Rosa Labs either way.


Every night before I go to sleep I throw 5 bottles of 2.0 in the fridge, then I consume them over the day. It helps me keep track of how much ive eaten (I have the opposite problem, if I dont force myself to eat I’ll happily have like 3 bottles and not be hungry at all and eat nothing else the whole day).

Crazy thought: pour five 2.0 bottles into your pitcher.


Every day I write the numbers 1-5 on the bottom of the bottles with a marker. That way, I never lose track. I found out after day one it is impossible to remember how many bottles you’ve had.

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Weird. I just posted a thread asking the same thing, then I saw this thread. But my main problem is not that I eat even though I’m not hungry. My main problem is that I am hungry, and so I drink more Soylent and remain overweight.

Air-popped popcorn is a satisfying snack. NOT the convenient microwave bag stuff, that is loaded with grease. Get a hot-air popper like this one. Popcorn is cheap. Get also a spray can of cooking oil, either unflavored or butter-flavored if you can stand the synthetic flavor.

You put the measured amount of kernels in the popper and turn it on. Put a big bowl under the chute. Shortly, popcorn begins to emerge and fall into the bowl. You stand there with a salt shaker in your left hand, oil spray in your right. Spray, shake, spray, shake over the kernels as they fall; the tiny amount of oil on the kernels helps the salt stick. A big bowl of popcorn prepared this way is less than 200cal.


There are better and worse hot air poppers. I had one that spit out huge amounts of unpopped kernels and one that works great: Orville Redenbacher hot air popper. I also bought a microwave popper that works almost as well: Nordic Ware microwave popper.

I use the microwave one most of the days of the week. I don’t put anything on the popcorn. Mostly because I’m lazy and cheap. You just dump a little less than 1/2 cup of kernels in, set the microwave for a couple of minutes and you are done!

I was once around a group of people who loved this kind of popcorn. I found that over time they did bad things to my teeth.