Another experience thread


Hi All,

I just got Soylent yesterday and wanted to share my experience so far.

Background: I’m very overweight, and also pretty lazy regarding going to the grocery. I get light breakfast and lunch during the work week, and make something at home for dinner. But on the weekend I will typically order in rather than going to the grocery. So I wanted to try Soylent as a healthier and very low-effort food for the weekend, and possibly dinner during the week. I also hope to use Soylent to better measure calorie intake.

Yesterday I had a normal light breakfast and lunch, got my Soylent package in the mail (Apparently V1.1) then whipped up 1/4 a bag poured over Ice for my dinner. Immediately I found the flavor chalky and unpleasant, but I think this is because the ice did not cool it sufficiently. I also found that drinking it did seem to mildly upset my stomach almost immediately and I had a couple quick trips to the bathroom. Later that evening after finishing my 1/4 pouch, I did find I was craving something solid so I had some meat and cheese.

I woke up this morning a bit out of sorts and with a headache. Basically I feel like I have a very mild hangover. I have read a number of threads on these forums, and headaches are usually attributed to lack of salt or too little water. But let’s be realistic here, I certainly got plenty of electrolytes from my other meals yesterday, and my 1/4 pouch was cut with roughly 1.5L of water. So those explanations are not really sufficient. This is not a case of getting a headache after an attempted 100% conversion, I’ve literally had a single meal of Soylent and am feeling bad effects. So the most reasonable explanation is that there’s an ingredient in Soylent that my body is reacting poorly to.

The only other thought is that I have a headache was because I under-ate. A 500 calorie dinner sounds perfectly reasonable to me, but at my height and weight the calorie calculator seem to think I should be taking in a ridiculous number of calories each day and i quite simply don’t believe it.

I believe my body will adjust to Soylent, and the negative effects will go away over time. But my main feedback at this point is that the salt/water explanation for headaches is likely bogus.


Could be the potassium or the sucralose.
Just as a sidenote: Let it sit in the fridge overnight before adding oil and serving it. It will definitely be smoother and more pleasant.


I actually agree with you that a lot of the default responses people give about salt/hydration causing headaches is more often unhelpful. The idea of it being potassium is FEASIBLE but as you only had 500 calories you’re probably not crossing any thresholds your body can’t tolerate.

HOWEVER - Letting it sit overnight before adding oil is a real fix for the chalkiness. And almost-immediate stomach upset is a real issue that many encounter.

It’s also possible that you just woke up with a headache. If you NEVER get headaches then it could be something in the Soylent, but I would wait at least another day or two before coming to that conclusion since, as you said, the Soylent made up a small part of your diet and nutrition is probably not the cause.
EDIT: Not to discount the possibility but, you know, perspective.


@stp Potassium is a possibility. I’ve regularly used sucralose in my coffee though, so that ingredient is something my body is used to.

@nwoll27 Fair point.


Keep us posted either way, for science! :slight_smile:


Regarding headaches…For some its seems to be vannilin, for some sucralose, for some it seems its because of a lower sodium diet than they are used to, for some it seems its because of a higher potassium diet than they are used to. For some its consumption of lesser water than they are used to.

Some of these might cause headaches within a day or two, and some might cause it a bit later…i am guessing.

Take your pick.


Had a second 1/4 packet meal last night. Same thing as yesterday, body has much less objection to Soylent this time, but still a bit of mild grumbling from the stomach. I woke up once in the middle of the night and had a very mild headache at the time, but this morning i’m more or less normal.

I am making sure to explicitly drink a bunch of water, just in case I was wrong. But otherwise I’ll chalk it up to just adjusting to the new weird food.

Also, What I actually did on Wednesday is make half a packet and drink half of that. So last night I finished the remainder for dinner. Still chalky flavor, but I’ll take the advice about for the next batch and not add oil until after it’s set overnight.

The other problem I’m having is a lot of sedimentation. To the point where I stir the glass of Soylent between drinks. I’m wondering if this is due to my tap water or if it’s normal. The guide book recommended that you use filtered water to make Soylet for taste reasons, but does that also pertain to solubility?


I put mine in a Blender Bottle. It doesn’t seem to sediment as you are saying. I swish it around a little every time I drink and have had no problems.


Also fun to note that my cats go freaking nuts for Soylent. I have to protect my cup from them as i’m drinking it.


I always make Soylent 24 hours before drinking. In mornings I just drink, clean then make new soylent drink and put it in ref. Pretty smooth drink.

I wonder why cats love Soylent.


I stuck with using Blender Bottles even though with Soylent (not DIY) you really don’t have to. The main reason was my cat. He very seldom gets on top of things like tables or desks, but I’m 100% he would be all my Soylent if it was uncovered. He also loves my DIY soylent which is mostly masa so I’m guessing it is the vitamins or fat.


I dont know how much role solubility plays a role in it.


Hi Nwoll27…I’m having some stomach issues…a lot of growling and gass (really bad odor); sorry…I know it’s TMI…i’m just rying to find a solution for this. So if I prepare it one day in advance a lot of the stomach issues are solved? I just want to confirm if I understood correctly. Thanks.


Update after a weekend on Soylet.

My second packet of Soylet last Saturday was much much smoother. I had followed the directions much more precisely: Mix packet with equal parts water, shake for 30 seconds (I counted). Fill container with water to top, shake for another 30 seconds. I also had taken the advice to only add oil after it sat overnight. Very little sedimentation.

My third packet on Sunday did not go as well. I was much less diligent mixing it, just shaking it until it looked mixed. And I found more sedimentation when I opened the fridge in the morning. By sedimentation I mean that the mixture separates into visible layers. I think this was because I didn’t do as much shaking before throwing it in the fridge. Mixing it twice may also make a difference due to oxygenation (mix with container half full, then topping it off with water and mixing again, as I described above)

So, how you prepare a packet seems critical to taste.

Saturday and Sunday I had very mild headaches again, but I can’t say that this was Soylent’s fault as I will sometimes get headaches on the weekends (but somehow only on the weekends).

Saturday I experienced a bunch of gas, but didn’t really have any abdominal grumbling about the Soylent. Sunday I had Soylent for breakfast, but had to order a burger for lunch as I was getting annoyed by not having anything solid or chewable. I did notice that when my food arrived I couldn’t eat as much of it as normal would before it suddenly made me feel ill. It’s possible that my stomach had shrunk significantly over the previous day and a half on Soylent, as a meal of Soylent is pretty small by volume.

Sunday I also noticed I was dehydrated. You do seem to have to force water when eating Soylent.

I continue to have to guard Soylent from my cats. Holding them back with one hand and drinking with the other.


It’s going to separate into visible layers after an hour or a few no matter how much you shake it at first. But each time it separates and you reshake it, it will separate less next time.

So, shake it, put it in the fridge, and then shake it again before you go to bed.


@martaipl, sadly the slower preparation doesn’t noticeably help with the gas, it really only helps with the ‘grittiness’ and sedimentation of the mix, making it smoother and more pleasant to drink. The only thing folks have reliably been able to recommend for gas is to drink your Soylent over a longer period of time (small amounts sipped through the day instead of a full serving in one sitting). In Soylent 1.0, the digestion aid “Beano” has been confirmed to help with the issue, though in 1.1 some of these enzymes are already in the mix so this may be less pronounced. @livingparadox, I know you’ve used Beano in 1.0, do you know whether it’s still effective in 1.1?

MOST people acclimate to the Soylent over time and the gas becomes manageable, though for me it has never completely gone away. The best I can recommend until a new version comes out to fix it is to drink smaller portions, try to ease yourself into it when you’re in a place where you can deal with the gas (home), and if that doesn’t work, to think about adding an over the counter digestion aid like Beano.

And good luck :slight_smile:


I have not yet tried 1.1, but I believe they calculated exactly as much of the enzyme was necessary. So I would imagine additional beano would make no difference.