Another hit piece, click bait must pay great?!?

Here we go again, another blog playing up all the same cliched arguments and FUD.

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Nooo don’t give the clicks!!!


I thought about that, but a couple larger tech bloggers have already RTd it so she has made her money.

Whatever. Fudders gonna fud. smh


Try this to avoid giving them more clicks. :slight_smile: (archive link)


Wait, I’m not a lifehacker, dieter, or doomsday cult member. You mean Soylent wasn’t designed to appeal to me???


Come now, let’s keep it civil. :slight_smile:

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My favorite part is when she tried to pass off essential vitamins and minerals as disgusting and artificial. Sounds like she needs to be educated about the dangers of DIHYDROGEN MONOXIDE!

Did you know that 100% of people who ingest DIHYDROGEN MONOXIDE end up dying? And it’s only a few feet away from where you’re currently sitting!

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Holy crap… What was this drama queen’s diet like that would cause such a reaction to a bottle of Soylent?!?


That was my first thought, you must eat some serious garbage to get that sick. Or, you know, you are click baiting.

Assuming she’s not lying or exaggerating, I figure she’s either extremely sensitive to some ingredient in Soylent, or she managed to eat something else she’s sensitive to before each Soylent.

I think it’s stupid that she seemingly didn’t try to eliminate the second possibility, but to be fair I’ve got IBS and probably treat my eating as more of a controlled experiment than the average person.