Another Lapsed Reorder Thread


Submitted a reorder ( #45472 ) on the first of January. It’s now getting close to the end of January with not so much as a shipping notice. I tried using the contact form on the main @Soylent page shortly after passing the 2 week delinquent order mark, but of course no response, so I came here to the forums to beg and plead for more Soylent.

I’ve only been consuming about 50% Soylent, but the withdrawal is very real. After I ran out I had a headache for about 2 days, and felt sluggish for several days after that. I managed to buy 3 bags off of someone locally, which I’ve been rationing but am now down to the last one. I feel like a junkie. My diet was horrible before Soylent, and I do not want to go through withdrawal again, so I’ll likely be going to ebay to get my fix.

It is really quite cruel to give people something so physically addicting and then take it away. Luckily, I am wealthy enough to deal with paying several hundred dollars to receive nothing from @Soylent and then paying even more to get Soylent secondhand. I really feel sorry for anyone in this boat who is now suffering withdrawal and is also out their grocery money.


I don’t believe it is physically addicting. I am just finishing my first 100% month. Perhaps I will find out, if my subscription refill doesn’t come on schedule.


It’s definitely not physically addicting, but my pre-Soylent state feels like withdrawal in comparison (disclaimer: never had a withdrawal, so I have only my imagination to go off of). Op sounds like he’s in the same boat as me.


I imagine it’s the body wanting all the nutrition it has suddenly been exposed to, rather than the crap most of us used to eat. I initially ordered a weekly order as a trial, like it so much I subscribed to the monthly order. The two weeks it took me to get my new shipment was nerve wracking. I couldn’t wait to get it. Maybe we’ve become addicted to shudder eating healthy food? :slight_smile:


The way I explain it to my gal, when we eat other foods and don’t feel as good it’s simply the body craving for the essentials it used to be getting. I wouldn’t say we feel withdrawals [ask anyone who goes cold turkey from heavy coffee or cigarettes about that] rather it’s just we slip away from our “new normal.” We feel a bit lesser only respectively. Knowing this makes it easier to understand what happens in the body when we run out of soylent.

As for lapsing reorders, I too have signed up on these forums tonight to report 2 missing reorders. Now, I understand some are missing their scheduled subscription orders from December, which to me seems a bit outrageous. Though I imagine if it was widespread we’d see a whole lot more “missing reorder” threads. So for the few of us, I guess we leave it up to @Soylent to straighten it out.

I’m missing my Initial January subscription which should have shipped around Jan 19-21 and also a second added subscription on Jan 7 with no notice on it’s shipping so far. I responded to info@ as Justin had previously communicated with me however the response was just an automated message stating that they have a higher than usual email volume and that reorders ship within 1-2 weeks.

I hope my account just fell through the cracks and that this problem isn’t too widespread. I love these guys to pieces and so they’ll find my patience unending. I would just appreciate some communication about the delay when I’ve got this much cash scheduled to their org each month. For now, I’ve put in an order for 100%FOOD last Thursday and UPS says delivery is ON-TIME for Tuesday.


@Alrecenk, try taking a multi-vitamin a day or once every two days until you get it back. That could make it easier for you to deal with your ‘withdrawal’ easier.


I personally recommend green source from Puritan’s pride if you go this route. It’s not as good as Soylent, but it made a noticeable difference for me.


Just got this notice from Soylent:

We are writing to let you know that your Soylent will ship approximately 10-14 days later than its guaranteed shipping date (14 days after billing). Our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience.

This delay was caused by an interruption in our ingredient supply chain. To ensure that our product includes only the best ingredients, we perform rigorous quality assurance (QA) testing on all of our raw ingredients upon receipt. Unfortunately, a recent shipment of our custom vitamin and mineral blend did not pass QA testing, and had to be replaced by the manufacturer. Although delivering your Soylent on time is of the utmost importance, the health and safety of our customers always take precedence.

With our new funding, we have joined forces with two additional manufacturers, which will significantly increase our production and minimize the chance of any future shipping delays. Our Soylent manufacturing capabilities will increase up to 50 times our previous rate, while maintaining the highest levels of quality and safety. This will allow us to ship more than 1 million Soylent pouches by March of this year, surpassing our 2014 deliveries in just three months.

Again, we apologize for this delay, and we truly appreciate your patience. To show our appreciation for your continued support, please use this coupon code for 15% off your next Soylent order:

I suppose I am placated for the time being. I wonder how big of an order they’ll let me use this code on.

Also, in reference to my claim that I was physically addicted to Soylent it seems the correct terminology is “physically dependent”, but I was not exaggerating about the withdrawal. It was very much akin to what I’ve gone through after giving up coffee cold turkey: exhaustion and a constant headache for about 2 days and then I was mostly ok . Although my acne did start to come back after about 10 days (it all went away after about 3 weeks on even just a partial Soylent diet). I suppose the severity depends very heavily on just how bad your diet was before going on Soylent. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go finish my dinner of ramen and toaster strudels…I jest, but seriously, that’s what I had for dinner.


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