Another milk-based DIY Recipe


Hello everyone!

I’m a Soylent backer who, like most of you, got pretty peeved about the second shipment delay. I’ve been making shakes for breakfast using the Body By Vi mixture with added bananas, peanut butter, almond milk, and chocolate pudding mix. I have been looking into a lot of DIY recipes on makesoylent lately, and decided that it’s probably healthier for me to make and eat something that I have more knowledge about.

My first recipe is here:

I’m currently planning on eating it for 2 meals a day so I can still cook and eat dinner with my girlfriend. That means that I’ll be consuming 2/3 of the nutrients that the breakdown shows.

The nutrient shortcomings are pretty obvious thanks to the breakdown, and if anybody has ideas on how to up them without inflating the ingredients list even more (I’d rather shrink it if it’s possible), please let me know. Even if I eat it as-is, it’s probably considerably healthier than Body by Vi + fast food.

Sulfur is currently at 0, but I believe that it is due to a lack of data concerning the amino acid profile in the soy protein. Does anybody have the amino acid profile for Trader Joe’s Soy Protein? I’m not wedded to the ingredient; I’m only using it due to the recommendation in Hackerschool Soylent, so if someone suggests another protein mixture that has more data, I’ll try it out.

Considering flavor and texture, I’ve never had coconut flour and I have no idea if the ingredients will blend into something smooth as-is. I also don’t know if that’s enough soy lecithin to emulsify the oil into the milk. I currently grind up ice into my shakes and make them into a smoothie, so that might help with the consistency for my breakfast shake.


I also use a whole foods recipe, and I got my cost down to $3 a day. I’m using whole milk, dry oats, peanut butter, ground flaxseed, whey protein powder, bananas, and papaya.

It’s not 100% nutritionally complete (as I also eat dinner with my family at night), but it’s pretty darn close.


I actually started with a recipe very similar to that – minus the papaya. I just tried to see what it was like without any grains, and saw that I didn’t need the flax either. Do you have a link to your recipe?


Check mine out if you want some ideas on how to make it nutritionally complete. It’s milk-based (Dry milk), made with whole foods, and nutritionally complete.

I wouldn’t bother with the psyllium husks powder though, it makes it too thick.


Yeah, looks like a few ppl input it into makesoylent for me. I have it originally as a thread on here, but it’s not letting me insert the post for some reason. The recipe is over at