Another Neg Article

It is hard to call it an “article” since it is only two paragraphs long, but here it is for your enjoyment. Extremely negative, and from some sort of military review website or something from the look of it. The comments below the article are…interesting.


Definitely less of an article, more of blog post.

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The comments are priceless.

Why is this retarded fad still a thing?
Someone should tell these idiots that this is not a good idea whatsoever and eating an MRE is a better alternative to this crap

Just so ya’ know, access to FOOD has never been an issue.

Getting clean WATER to those in need has always been the thing.

No one has ever starved, apparently!

Not to mention is completely soy based, every guy would like a set of boobs and a good cry once in a while

Wouldn’t all asians have massive breasts than if that were really true?


It’s a bit complex, but it seems that soy in its rawer form is more healthy - It’s high isoflavone concentrations that you have to avoid, and highly processed forms of soy (like soy protein powders) also have high isoflavone counts…


Asians isoflavone exposure is 40mg/day soylent is close to 10 times that, and isoflavones are already hormonally active in exposures similar to that of the asians. That raises concerns especially when cases of gynecomastia and severe estrogen issues with “soylent like” exposures are described in the literature.