Another new startup


I stumbled on another new start up this morning. They are offering a 5% discount for those who sign up. They are not selling their product yet and their web site is basic and familiar. No idea where they are based as there is nothing to indicate their address.


If they are not producing yet, then they are not worth mentioning. :slight_smile:


Poylent. Really??? I though Joylent was at less semi humorous…


I think if Soylent is serious about widening their market, they should at least look at trademarks. It’s getting silly.

Looks at ad: At least the packages are distinctive. But pink? Really?!


Think I am going to make a brand called Toylent that cames with a small toy in each bag.


I have two products, Boylent and Goylent, one for boys and one for girls.


If it tastes like Poi, they may be in for the same problems with texture that RL had with 1.4 :wink:


Not if I do it first! :wink:

Kidding, kidding.


Wow, the knockoffs are getting a little silly at this point.


I’m doing one with real earth as an ingredient, Soilent.

(Survey results were very poor for my proposed kosher product, Moilent.)


That’s actually going to be the name of my soil additive for gardeners…


I am just gonna make one for myself…Mylent.


Let me introduce you to Koilent, with real Koi fish oil inside! :slight_smile:


Goylent is a Rabbi’s drink of choice!


I thought Goylent would be the non-Kosher variety.


No, they like to imagine they’re consuming the unbelievers.


I don’t believe you.

Uh oh…


To be fair people/priestly class of every religion have a negative view of unbeleivers of their religion.


I am gonna make one that upon drinking will prevent people from speaking forever…Silent!


Just remember… Silents will fall.