Another Official Soylent Experience - Updated 7/22 - I'm basically giving up on Official Soylent


Well, I got my Soylent yesterday (woo!), and figured I should share some of my experience with it as well, in order to more inform those that want info from actual users. Following other trends, I’ll just update this post rather than getting lost in the comments.

5/20 - First impression of Soylent is that it’s hard to describe the flavor. It reminded me some of my DIY I did a year ago, yet more… bland? Not in any way unpleasant, just very neutral in flavor. As my starter kit still hasn’t arrived I’ve been mixing it in my 40oz thermos, which attempting to mix it in estimated parts yesterday ended up with my solution being too watery, which was a little less pleasant. Oh well, you live and learn.

After consuming primarily Soylent yesterday, I woke up in the middle of the night with hunger pang. That was odd, and I didn’t have my Soylent handy, so I just drank some water and went back to sleep. Today I mixed the whole bag in my thermos, which took more shaking, but worked out decently well. I don’t mind the thickness of the texture, I just drink more water separately. I have noticed that Soylent likes to leave a coating on my teeth and tongue (whether the mixture is thick or thin), and I feel the need to brush, floss, and pick at my teeth every time I have a drink of it. I’ve had a bit of a headache today, but that is likely due to the lack of caffeine in my system currently. I think that I feel more emotionally balanced than usual, which is nice. I think my body is getting used to being on this again (I was on a DIY for just over a month).

5/21 - I’m unusually tired today, and I haven’t come up with the cause yet. Maybe it’s just my body adjusting to the Soylent, and trying to detox itself or something. Got my starter kit, and it’s a breeze to mix soylent in the jug provided. I’m so glad to have that now. The gas that has come is a bit frustrating. Apparently the best way to fight against it is to sip on Soylent slowly, but chugging it 3 times a day would fit my lifestyle easier. Here’s hoping a formula update will fix that, or that my body will adjust and I can then handle larger meals less frequently.

5/31 - TL;DR: Energy meh, creatine helps, flavor pretty good.
(I know, I know, it’s been a while since I’ve been on here, life keeps you busy sometimes). Now I am at roughly 2 weeks on Soylent, and my body is slowly adapting. The horrible putrid gas has gone, although I still get plenty of gas, it now seems to be nearly odorless. I have found that my energy seems to be in general fairly low, which is unfortunate. I’m hoping that as I get in better shape that changes, but we shall see. I started adding a bit of creatine into my Soylent, and that seemed to help. What is nice though is that I no longer have awful energy crashes after a meal (even a muggle food meal), so my energy is quite consistent in spite of it not being as high as I would like. The flavor and enjoyability of Soylent steadily gets better over time, I thoroughly enjoy sipping on a glass a few times a day. It is quite pleasant. I have been selling weeks off to friends to get them hooked on it so they would go ahead and order some, and so I re-ordered today, I’ll be curious to see how soon it gets here. The subscription isn’t ideal, but hopefully Rob will get some kind of 3 month bulk re-order thing going soon.

Overall though, I feel really good. I’ve mostly pointed out negative things, but that’s simply to bring attention to minor details that might be overlooked otherwise. The biggest issue I have is energy (which again, is consistent, but lower than I prefer), but I supplement with caffeine to help that. Aside from that I feel fantastic, and I love Soylent. I don’t plan on going back to primarily muggle food for at least a long time, if ever.

6/4 - Over 2 weeks on soylent. Here is what I’ve noticed now. My dandruff has decreased significantly (almost gone), so that’s cool. My acne has seemed to have gotten worse though, so that sucks. My energy is still low, low, low. It is consistent, I don’t have the crashes that make one want to pass out in the middle of the day, but it is indeed too low to function normally all the time. The best thing I can do for my energy is to eat a traditional dinner, which costs money I don’t want to be spending, so that stinks. I feel fairly healthy overall, and with enough caffeine I can still go to the gym and work out without much trouble. I’m hoping that my body is just detoxing and recovering from 23 years of eating not so well, but we shall continue to see as I move forward.

6/6 - So as the day went on after my last update, I got more and more irritable and tired. I had noticed a very strong craving for beef, but wondered what would happen if I didn’t give in this time (by the way, I’ve been craving meat most days since I’ve started). So it got to be around 11 and I was pissed off at the world. I knew it was irrational anger, but I couldn’t stop it. So finally I went and drove around and found a taco truck and loaded my body up with some delicious carne asada street tacos. Within the next 20-30 minutes, I was completely calm, and more energized than I had been previously. So here’s what I figure is going on. It’s believed (at least by some) that different body types have slightly different needs, and I suspect that there is something in red meat that my body needs that Soylent doesn’t have enough of. The trick is to figure out what. There are a few options that I can think of: Iron, which I doubt, because they have a high amount already and I had far less in my DIY with no issues. B vitamins (often linked to energy/mood). A particular amino acid that wasn’t considered ‘essential,’ and overall protein amount. Can anyone else thing of something that might be missing?

7/9 - So, basically what I’ve come to realize is that I can’t handle Soylent 1.0 exclusively. This is incredibly disappointing because my DIY was amazing to live on exclusively. Basically, even adding salt and creatine in, I can handle at most 2 meals worth of Soylent and have 1 meal of muggle food. Otherwise I get crazy fatigued/tired and lose all motivation to do anything. My body hasn’t adjusted, I just can’t take it, for whatever reason. I also got sick last week and stopped consuming Soylent for a couple of days and only ate chicken noodle soup and other sick food (and had whiskey toddys). I have to say, I feel like my brain functioned more clearly when off the Soylent and sick, than while on. This is really disappointing. I hope that updates to the product line come quickly, but in the meantime, if I don’t notice marked improvement within the next couple weeks I’m cancelling my subscription and waiting it out until there are some reasonable changes made.

This being said, I don’t think this is the end of Soylent for me, I just feel like there are improvements to be made. It’s a shame I wasn’t selected for @rob’s testing group, as I think they might have found a fundamental issue that is noticeable in me. If I had money/the means to do so, I would certainly have myself tested. Oh well.

7/22 - I think this is the point that I give up. I just drained an entire pitcher into the sink that I couldn’t make myself drink. A whole day’s worth wasted. Bah. I feel as dead while on Soylent as I do when I barely eat anything for days at a time. So this is likely the end of me even prepping a day at a time for a while. Maybe I can manage to make myself a meal at a time and have one every now and then, IDK. I’ll likely be trying to figure out which DIY seller is the closest to my own formula and buy from them. I’m also rather disillusioned by RL’s lack of communication, but that is a rant for another thread that I care not to even bother with at this point.

I did get some sucralose and vanillin to test my sensitivity from Axcho, so I will likely update with that, but beyond that, I think I’m done updating for a while.


Congrats on finally getting your Soylent! Look forward to hearing your updates :slight_smile:


Hey @vanclute, question, did you have issue with awful gas when you switched? How long did that last?


Somewhat, though not nearly as bad as others have reported. For me it subsided almost entirely within 10 days or so. I get the occasional little burst, but it’s pretty minor.

I have a suspicion that I know what’s causing it. I just read a post from @soylentnoise about her unfortunate battle with horrendous gas at the 19 day mark, when she mentioned that she drank 16 ounces in a half hour.

People really need to keep in mind that Soylent is food and not just a tasty beverage. My 20oz insulated thermos lasts me a good 5 hours, no problem. Definitely don’t think of Soylent as “I’m going to sit down and have a meal now”. It’s way too easy to consume, so if you think this way you’re going to end up drinking a 12oz glass in a couple of chugs. Conventional food automatically slows you down because you have to cut/chew it in order to liquify it enough to get it down your gullet. Soylent doesn’t have that factor in place so it’s super easy to consume way too much, way too fast.

Just take a sip, and put it down. Then let your body tell you if you need another sip. I suspect you’ll be amazed at how little you find yourself actually needing, and it should really help to minimize the gas issues.


Noted, thanks. I’ll try to be careful with that. I know it hit me really hard last night before bed.


Yes, @vanclute is right. (and thanks for the diagnosis. My friends and family thank you) When I first started, I was sipping it throughout and had minimal gas. Then got the brilliant idea to “sit down and have a meal now” Lesson learned.


Yeah, certain “old habits” are going to have to be unlearned when it comes to Soylent. Getting insulated bottles was definitely one of the best moves to date with our Soylent experiences.


I ordered a 16oz Thermos and it arrived moments ago. I think this will help move me from gulping a glass to sipping throughout the day. I also have a 40oz for all day excursions outside of the house. Trial and error.



I find this to be a significant note, largely because could imply that the shipping notifications still aren’t 100%, and, more importantly, lack of a kit does not necessarily mean Soylent is significantly far away

@wheresmysoylent, I recall from another thread that you did receive shipping notice, but I don’t remember whether it was from Soylent or through the FedEx auto-finder-majig. Do you know if your kit is just lagging behind due to smartpost/etc, or are the shipping oddities still occurring?


I don’t know if I agree with the sip it mentality. I’ve been on DIY for 7 months and I down a big glass for breakfast, same with lunch and dinner. I basically consume 3 portions in about 1 minute each. I’ve had 0 issues. Unless there is an ingredient in Soylent that is causing this gas issue, which would not work for me because I cant sip a meal through the entire day.


I’m the same. I down a pint in about 2 minutes, and I have to try to slow it down. I have less gas than when I ate conventional meals (love Mexican food).


Interesting… I’d imagine it could easily have something to do with the specific makeup of the individual soylent in use, so maybe that accounts for the differences I’ve seen people report. I just know that with our 1.0 experience, drinking a large glass quickly led to feeling bloated and that “I ate too much too fast” feeling. But sipping all day - or at least drinking smaller portions at a sitting, like say 6oz or less - has worked out just fine.


I should also mention that I do not use oats and my recipe is very low carb.


I have been at this for 4-5 months and have done both to some degree, depending on my day.

I work from home a lot, when I am here I will usually pour a pint glass whenever I feel the urge, taking usually 20-30 minutes to consume, sometimes more. This seems appropriate, it wouldn’t take any longer usually to eat a muggle meal. I don’t think I’m rushing it by taking half an hour to get about a 500kcal meal.

When I am away from home I use a thermos, in which case I will take a drink or two every now and then as I feel the need. My 26oz thermos will typically last 4-6 hours. I consume far slower, but more steadily throughout the day this way.

When I first started I was doing the thermos at home, sipping all day thing too, but over time moved to the pint now and then method. I find either way works well for me, with no issues with either.

I think it may just be issues some people have with the current formulation. I have heard the oats can cause similar issues in some of the DIY recipes, so perhaps that’s the culprit here.


Yeah it’s probably related to the specific formula, and possibly also just to an adjustment period for the body. That seems to also be a recurring theme among soylent users.


Fortunately I had no such issues when I started. I use Masa rather than oats though, so that may be why. I just hope I don’t see these issues when my Soylent does get here…


This is interesting because early on the gas issue became a point of speculation. I did quite a bit of research then. Uncooked oats / oat flour was likely to bypass - to some degree - the enzymatic digestion processes starting in the mouth and continued in the stomach. Once those undigested compounds pass into the intestine, bacteria takes over and tries to finish the job. Bacterial digestion instead of enzymatic digestion produces excess gas, bloating etc. Well that was the gist of all my reading last year, but I’m sure there’s much more to learn. Were the oats in Soylent 1.0 ever established to be raw or cooked/toasted before or after grinding?


Good question, I’ve been wondering the same thing.


They both shipped same day, smartpost is just slower. I got notification first from FedEx, then shortly after from the Soylent team. It seems their email system is worked out.


This is an important one I think. I had no gas issues with my DIY and the oat powder was cooked/toasted/whatever you call it. Anyone of you Soylenters able to confirm the official recipe?