Another opinion on Soylent Optimized

Well, finally got some Original Flavor of the new Optimized Soylent. I’m really glad I was prepared for the “Maple” flavor, or I probably would’ve been completely horrified.

As it stands… I’m not sure. I don’t despise it, so I guess that’s a good thing. It helps that I like maple. Of course, I really like Original as my go-to specifically because it doesn’t really taste like much of anything. it’s the “water of food” and that’s how I wanted it to stay. Now it definitely tastes like something. But then again, 2.0 tasted exactly like buttered popcorn for the first couple of days that I drank it, and then that went away for me so maybe this will be the same. I’m hoping it will be.

So basically no definitive verdict from me at this time, and I’m hoping I can adjust to it since clearly we’re stuck with it.


I have to admit that I apprehend it.
Im in Canada. We still get the original here.
I hope that I will like it.
Original 2.0 is so perfect for my taste.

I really like the cacao too but it’s more expensive.
It’s not much more but noticeable and psychologically I really don’t like to pay the extra.

But yeah, if the optimized is not to my taste, at leas I have that other option.

I hate it so much

I can choke it down if I must but it’s definitely not something I could have multiple times a week or even per day like the old original

For me, the optimized tastes worse each time I have it. My initial impression was, “Wow, this is like a yummy dessert.” But it’s so absurdly sweet, with that weird maple-y aftertaste, that now it’s a real turn-off. Sometimes it hits the spot in the evening, when I naturally have more of a sweet tooth and am in the mood for something dessert-like. But I can’t even imagine drinking this several times a day, as I could with the Cacao. And even if I could force myself to drink it that much, certainly it’s not healthy to train your body to crave that level of sweetness.

I haven’t tried original flavor since “optimization” but have a box coming in November. I still have a few left of several of the other new flavours that I’m not very enthusiastic to finish. I suspect I’ll drop the subscription to RTD and stick with powder.

I guess I’m lucky—I like most of the optimized flavors and think that overall, they’re improvements.

Banana: Really like this. A new go-to.
Creamy Chocolate: I was happy with Cacao but I like this, too. Cacao tastes to me like hot cocoa, whereas Creamy Chocolate is like a rich dark chocolate pudding.
Mint Chocolate: OK, but I wish they’d left it as minty as it was before.
Strawberry: I really liked the old Strawberry, but this new version doesn’t have enough flavor for me. I have 2 cases to get through, and we’ll see if I change my mind.
Vanilla: THEY FIXED IT! Old Vanilla was just OK. New Vanilla is delicious. Another new favorite.
Cafe Mocha: I don’t get all the hate for the new version. The old version always tasted burned to me. The new one tastes like an actual café mocha. I like it.
Cafe Vanilla: Haven’t tried one yet, but I’ve got one chilling in the fridge right now. The old version was my usual weekday breakfast.

I don’t like Cafe Chai or Original (sorry, purists) so I can’t offer an opinion on those.

Just my 2¢…

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Ditto to all Kiteia except I like Chai too. The optimized Cafe Vanilla is my go to to start each day. Don’t get all the hate either.