Another Soylent 2.0 weight loss story.. 30lbs in 4.5 months

To be honest I haven’t searched through the forums to see how many people have used Soylent for weight loss, but I wanted to post my experience anyway. Sorry if this is just another post in a sea of duplicates. :slight_smile:

I started drinking only Soylent 2.0 on January 24th of 2016. I’d had about two boxes before that since December, but January 24th was what I consider my starting point. I was 261.47lbs on January 24th.

On June 5th 2016, I hit 229.94lbs. I’m now at 228.18lbs. I’m 5’11", and 46 years old.

Most of the time, I’d have 5 bottles per day. I made a rule for myself that I would NOT say no to regular food when some special occasion would arise, like going away parties for people at work, birthday parties for kids, occasional Brazilian BBQ trips, etc. Unlike when I quit caffeine (where I stopped completely, and haven’t had caffeine in over three years because of migraines), here I wouldn’t be afraid to have regular food from time to time, and wouldn’t consider it any kind of “failure” or “cheating”.

I weighed myself every day, and kept a log of everything I ate.

Here’s a picture of my weight loss from June 3rd:

I also started doing walks, but I lost weight whether I was walking or not.

This past 14 days I just did 14 days with only Soylent, and I was really craving solid food, so this morning was a Brazilian BBQ day with friends from work. I’ll replace two of my Soylents with that, then have three more for the rest of the day. This day I’ll probably be way over, but that’s ok, I’m not on any crazy deadline. Most of the time I drink 5 a day.

Again, during this time I’ve gone to Chili’s, Pizza Hut, had Kentucky Fried Chicken, done multiple Brazilian BBQ trips, had lots of bacon while camping, and had one Baconator at Wendy’s. But those felt like they were about a week or two spaced apart.

I consider myself lucky in that the standard idea of 5 bottles of day (2000 kcal) is below what I’d normally burn even if sitting around doing nothing (which is now 2324 kcal, but used to be 2503kcal). I know others who are trying it who burn less calories per day, so they’d have to go with less than 5 bottles, which means they’d have to maybe take supplements or something to make up for the lost nutrients in the missing 5th bottle?

Anyway, to anyone wondering if you really can lose weight with Soylent 2.0, you can (or at least you can if you’re a 261lb 5’11" man of 46 years, which is the only true data I really have). I’ve never cared about weight loss before in my life. Weight just kind of went up with age. At one point I realized “oh, I’m over the limit for skydiving. I guess I missed out on that”, as if weight gain was some given. At some point this summer, I’m going skydiving as my reward for hitting 230lbs. Now my next goal is 199.

Anyway, FWIW, there’s my data. Sorry I haven’t gotten around to annotating the graph to show when I ate non-Soylent meals.

…Jeff Keegan



And continued good luck on your continued progress!

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Great Job on losing some weight, this sounds very encouraging to me.

I found out about soylent just a couple days ago while looking for a way to avoid foods and just try to live off of a daily vitamin. I found out that just living off vitamens was not possible, but soylent comes very close.

Ages ago when I was young my weight was stable around 165. Now I am about to turn 40 and my weight has been sticking at about 285 for the last 5 years. I have had it flux about 5 pounds in both directions from that, but even when trying to lose weight it just has not been working. I always seem to be having a craving for more food or some type of snack all the time. I hate to exercise and it has actually become much more difficult to exercise because of my weight now. I usually only get 1 balanced meal a day, the rest of the day is usually a fast food meal and a bunch of junkfood. I really hate taking time to eat even though I have plenty of time to do it…it is also just boring for me to do. I only eat because I have such bad cravings. According to the online calculators it says to maintain my weight with my activity level I would have to consume about 2700 calories. I guess thats what I have been doing for the past 5 years.

I am getting ready to place my first order for a 12 pack of the 2.0 to try it out as soon as I get a reference link so I can get the 50% discount for first time subscribers. I am disappointed that based on a 2000 daily intake that comes out to around $12 compared to just $7.75 for the 1.5 powder. I will most likely be using the powder on a regular basis because it is noticeably cheaper. However with the 50% first order of 2.0 that makes it just $7 for the first 2.4 days if 50% off base price ($6 if off subscription bonus). At least this way I will have tried the 2.0, and have purchased the 1.5 powder so I can actually make a good judgment if its worth the extra cost for the 2.0 on a regular basis.

As long as soylent can stop the cravings I should easily be able to lose weight like you did if I stick to 2000 per day. I think 1600 per day would be much better, but I better error on the side of caution and stick with 2000 so my body does not go into starvation mode. After I lose a good chunk of the weight I should be able to drop to 1600 per day with my lifestyle, but who knows, maybe I will want to get out more after I lose some of the weight.


this comment is just solidarity from someone else who avoids caffeine due to migraines.

also, i eat 1200-1600 kcal/day (30-50% soylent), and don’t worry about soylent being deficient in nutrients that don’t scale with overall intake.


Here’s a referral link for you, let me know how it goes, I’ve never used the link before.

Thank You for the code. I placed an order for one case of 2.0 and with the referral it only came to 17.80 for the first case. Too bad there is no type of bonus for the referer. Only the new customer gets a bonus under this current promotion.

I also placed an order for 7 packs of the 1.5 with a 10% coupon. Now I can try them both to see which works better for me.


I have lost 50 pounds eating Soylent 1.5. Started the diet at a sedentary moment in my life after getting laid off from a job that I was doing 10,000 steps a day walking an 80,000 sqft warehouse. After I lost 20 pounds just by eating Soylent 1.5 and tracking calories, I decided to change my lifestyle and now hit 20,000 steps a day about 10 miles. Soylent makes eating regular meals a snap, counting calories are super simple, and I feel great! I still eat whatever homemade meal I want for dinner and have upped my calorie intake to 2,000+. I try to get my calorie intake higher since, according to my fit bit I am still running a 1,000 calorie deficit every day and my goal isn’t to loose weight anymore. At 5’7" I need maintain weight if not gain muscle weight. However, I find if I eat more I feel bloated and uncomfortable, I might try adding some protein to Soylent to help with increasing my calories.

Congrats on your weight loss, keep it up, keep being an inspiration to others!!

I didn’t keep/take a lot of pictures of myself, but I did find one at my peak weight. I didn’t start loosing weight until the end of January when I tried Soylent 1.5 as a fluke - my friend gave me a gag gift of Soylent… I have been hooked ever since.

A word of advise, don’t buy a bunch of new cloths. Thats what I did, and now they are too big… went from a size 38 waist to a 31 waist in March - Now my 31s are too big!


That’s awesome! congrats…

Congrats to you, too, @naten!

It’s not easy to lose it, and it’s harder still to keep it off, for the first couple of years - good luck to you!

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