Another Soylent give away


For some reason Soylent does not agree with me. Hopefully future versions will. I have 16 bags of 1.4 Soylent that I won’t be using. I’m willing to ship them anywhere. They can be yours for the cost of shipping. I would like to give them to someone who can’t get Soylent yet because of location. I’ll send you all 16 or just 1.



I would love them all! I live in Denmark and will gladly pay the shipping cost.


They’re all yours. I’ll message you with my email and we can sort out the details


Nuts! None for me?? I’m dying to try Soylent, but don’t want to spring for $85 all at once…


Very generous offer @keenin, looks like they are gone, but if that falls through or there is any left, love them shipped here to Australia where it is impossible to get them. Of course shipping costs is no problem.


I’ve been getting Soylent in Australia since version 1.0 -

It does end up costing a bit though - just shipped 2 weeks of 1.4 for $77.08 (shipped Monday US time and is on vehicle for delivery today). I haven’t shipped a month of 1.4 yet but I estimate it would be around $130 - so you save a bit on the per day cost by shipping a month (didn’t want to get stuck with a month of 1.4 if I don’t like it - made that mistake with 1.1!)


True @Dave, that would be an option, though it works out around $16.50/day so a large portion of the cost savings of Soylent is lost (which is one of the big attractions to me). I will keep rolling my DIY until they ship direct for now, but I’ll keep that option in mind for sure. Thanks mate.


@Dave @IamAdamJowett
shipitto cost (to Perth) for my first (with jug) 1 month shipment:
Postage: $146.82
(Carrier) ($141.06)
(Bank fee 4.3%) ($5.76)

My next shipment will be early June (paused for a month). I was considering holding the shipment at shipitto for a month and shipping two months together (better postage).