Another Soylent Recipe


I would very much appreciate it if y’all would review it, and make any comments on it.

I decided not to stick with the potassium gluconate, because I thought i could economize the ingredients by using potassium chloride, which in turn, affects my other ingredients.

It isn’t finished because I want to make sure all of the ingredients and ratio’s are right before I buy the material.

I’m still in the process of adding more ingredients to it to finish off the minerals.


3.3 Liters of water? In one go?


My recommendation:
Recheck your numbers.

Calcium Sulfate is 29,4% Calcium and 23,6% Sulfur. Also, why do you have so much of it?

Your sheet currently contains dangerours overdoses of:
Selenium => Selenosis
Molybdenum => Copper deficiency
Calcium => Burnett’s Syndrome
Sulfur => will make the Copper deficiency from your Molybdenum overdose worse, and will also make you fart a lot.

I might of course have missed something.


Thanks a bunch for the recommendations and I will make the changes to the spreadsheet when I get home. the 3.3 liters of water is for the day, and I was going to dilute it in that much water, but I’ve seen posts where people say that soylent is palatable when diluted too far. Therefore, I was going to test how diluted I wanted it to be after I had all the ingredients.


I am not sure, but I think that sulfate is not bioavailable form of sulfur. Your body will not take it as sulfur source.


I researched what you said about sulfate and found something that makes sulfate sound like your body needs it. I’m not too good at researching online, but I will post the link on here. I would appreciate it if you told me what you thought about it. Also, how did you come to find out that sulfate isn’t a bio available source of sulfur? I’m not well versed in nutrition, so if you could tell me your source that might help with my research. thanks


After an afternoon on working on the formula, I have almost completed it, I think. However, I’m still want more feedback on the formula. I’m also going to try to get input from some of the teachers at my school, and I will report my findings on the forum. Please be careful with document. I’m hoping people wont trash the recipe like they did the other guy’s. (I’m keeping a separate copy (you can email me if you want a copy))


How did you get the “needed” figures?


This is for the micro nutrients. However, I wouldn’t follow the calorie figures.

This is for the Calorie Consumption.

The Protein largely consists of your own goals. However if you’re trying to maintain normal weight, I would recommend for every kilogram of weight, use .8 grams of protein.