Any chance of getting a sample of new formula before committing to one week worth?

Continuing the discussion from Soylent 1.4: no more oil bottles! Shipping today:

Basically, I had to pause my subscription at Soylent 1.3 because it was literally damaging my stomach, and causing pain (due to excessive acid - I have a hiatal hernia). As a result, I still have a box full of Soylent 1.3 that I haven’t figured out what to do with.

Is there any chance folks who have had these issues can buy just one sample bag of the new formula, so we can see if the digestive problems we had with previous formulas have been fixed, before we commit to a large quantity again?

Just FYI, my gal also has a hiatal hernia. She gets it adjusted by our chiropractor - it makes all the difference. It’s quite simple and he even showed me how to do it so that I can take care of it at night or when we can’t get in for a visit.

Oh and if you want to part with your 1.3, I’ll gladly take it off your hands. :slight_smile:

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Not directly from Rosa Labs. The smallest amount they sell is a 1 week package. But as vanclute offered, you can trade your old 1.3 stock for 1.4 with another member of the forums. The other option is to buy a single package off of ebay (which is going to be more expensive).

Time solved my issue - the new 2.0 comes in a 12 bottle order, and that should be the right amount for me to test the stuff without having leftovers I can’t use.

I’m working out some recipies where I substitute Soylent for oat flour and make cookies. I’ll tell you how it goes. lol

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