Any chance of getting individual-sized powder packets?


One of the things I like about 2.x is its portability. That said, packing more than a single bottle of 2.0 in my purse makes it uncomfortably heavy. The powder is great for mixing up large batches that stay in the fridge at home, but isn’t practical for use at work or in places where I don’t have a refrigerator I can stash a pitcher in for my personal use.

Has anyone thought about making powder packs sized for individual meals?
Am I the only one who thinks this would be a good idea?


Yes lots of people have already thought of and suggested that. So far it hasn’t happened.

You can always portion out the powder into separate containers/bags yourself.


I’d love individual powder packets, I think they’d be great for travelling. I’ve tried portioning out powder myself and it’s always a mess – it takes too long, and no matter how careful I am, I seem to end up with powder everywhere.


Yes! Especially if it could be packaged in a sort of funnel way. It would be so much more convenient for me to carry to work. I have bottles of water there that would be easy to shake it into. Would take up so much less shelf space in my room.


@Conor get the dev team on this STAT.


It’s easily done on our end, it’s a question of demand, we don’t feel it’s there. We have other plans for powder.


Care to expound on what those might be???



Cute… So… whatever is planned will never see the light of day? :open_mouth:


Yes. :lock_with_ink_pen:


I’ve optimized my powdering on the go, so that you retain space/weight efficiency with the added benefit of portability. Toss both the pitcher and scoop. Use a Nalgene (wide mouth) and a portable scale. For one serving pour 320 mL of water into the Nalgene, place on scale, zero scale, add 84.8 g of powder, shake, consume, rinse, done. No extra containers needed with the built in seal on the bags, no mess, and no refrigeration.

Long time lurker first time poster. I guess my subconscious has been nagging me to share my little tip, since it makes powder even that more adaptable. In my opinion, this should be the default method of powder consumption. I suppose, though, it would be a little odd if Soylent shipped scales with initial orders. Although, my scale was only about $10.


Make that 87 g (I think) for 1.8

I’m still working through my 1.7 backlog.


I would just add refrigerate for some amount of time. For me, Soylent 1.x tastes much better after it has sat for awhile. It tastes more “chemically” if I drink it sooner. For 2.0 I drink it at room temperature.


I only eat it for the nutrients.


Rob Rhinehart all grown up.


I’d buy them. I’d be willing to pay for the convenience.


Every time I read this it makes me think you’re going to discontinue powder…


Complete opposite, we are woking on lots of powder projects.


I am no kind of expert, as I have been using 2.0, and have one box of 1.7 that I am trying to master.

However transport of the drink was pretty easy for me. First I don’t like the tap water, at all. So I use three water bottles (16.9 ounces each). After I have finished making my concoction and the Soylent container is full, I pour the drink into my used water bottles (for use the next day). I take them with me in a lunch box, because they have to be refrigerated as far as I am aware, but it makes three bottles and a tall glass, so I have one in the fridge for dinner, the tall glass in the morning, and the other two in a lunch box with an ice pack during the day.