Any concrete news on what's holding up European Soylent?


I’m tired of DIY recipes that leave me hungry. I want the real deal. What’s the story?


Unfortunately for everyone outside the US, it would appear that they are simply focusing on getting the US orders out first and aren’t even considering shipping outside the US until they get through the current backlog. From what I’ve seen, they’re still on the four week orders, so there are still people in the US with 1, 2, and 4 week orders from the original crowdfunding that haven’t gotten their stuff yet.

International orders are probably a very small fraction of total orders, so you could look at this one of two ways:

  1. It’s only a few people. Get them supplied already! At least the original backers and their re-orders. Don’t allow new international orders until you’re actually ready to be able to ship them.

  2. It’s only a few people. It makes more business sense* to attempt to satisfy the domestic demand before messing with the international orders, which are going to have additional shipping requirements and costs.

*I’m not a business person. My definition of “business sense” in this context is probably debatable.


Unfortunately, I think they are doing the right thing now. Any, and I mean any, change they make will be yelled about by a bunch of people and only help a couple of people. I’ve lost count of how many thousand people have complained about the current shipping plan. Most don’t have an alternate plan besides the vague “I should get mine sooner.”

Basically piss off 1000 people and make 10 people happy. I’m not saying anything about the “new plan” being right or wrong, better or worse. That makes no difference. Any change will be looked at as bad by a large number of people and good by a small number.

It sucks, I know. I only ordered 1 week so who knows when I will get my Soylent. The product is changing the world in a small way or possibly a very large way. It is worth waiting for.

All that being said, I wish they would give out some information. I think they have learned from the past how badly that went.


What’s your take on this @JulioMiles?


Curious about your comment “tired of DIY recipes that leave me hungry”. I tried a Ketogenic recipe second and it was an absolute disaster. I never found the food remotely pleasant (in mouth feel or taste) and I was always hungry, even on 500 more calories then my first recipe (people chow) I was hungry all the time. My first recipe was straight up people chow cut down to 1500 calories a day. Now I’m at 2,000 calories a day with a boost in the protein whey and less Masa and again, never hungry.

What worked for me (and helps me stay more consistent) was spacing my meals out. I break my recipe down into 4 shakes of 500 calories a pop (on avg). I drink my first shake about 2 hours after I get up. The next happens about an hour after I would normally eat lunch. I have a “second lunch” late in the afternoon around 4:30 before going to the gym and then I have my final shake after I get home, shower, and get clean from after the gym which is usually between 7:30 and 8PM. Some days I do get the temptation to move things around this this pacing basically keeps my meals spread out at a pretty easy tempo. The late dinner helps me the most with hunger because I’m one of those “it’s 9:30PM, and I want a snack”. So taking that last meal late in the day curbs that.

I know not necessarily on topic but Euro Soylent is probably at least 3 EONS away. If you are doing DIY, have you focused or looked at behavioral patterns/correction that might assist you with hunger (such as my methodology of smaller meals occurring more often). I’m also (based on what others have said who have done both) not convinced that if you have hunger problems with DIY that official soylent will change a thing for you. If you haven’t tried people chow I would give it a whirl. I initially wanted to do an Oat based recipe but having read feedback from others about satiety (hunger) with the Oat products I decided to stick with people chow based on masa.


If @Spaceman can ship to Europe why can’t Rosa Labs?


Rosa Labs is struggling with shipping to the USA :wink: They have local logistical challenges they are working on that must be overcome before they can think about shipping international. If you are legitimately trying to compare a garage run business like spaceman to an industrialized mass production that Rosa Labs is… Well lets just say thats a conversation not worth having.


@ruipacheco - check for MANA - european copy of Soylent at DIY-soylent Marketplace. They will be ready to ship across EU by the end July.

Thanks @Endtropy for putting me on the level with other great companies who started from garage :slight_smile:


Believe me that was no accident. HP, Apple, etc. Many current titans of industry started out working from their garage. Sometimes slow and organic growth is healthier and more sustainable then explosive growth.


Also check the Joylent topic. Some here have started trying it, and its maker, @Koningsbruggen, has just started posting in that topic as well.


As soon as they fix the farting issue.


Just to not let @Spaceman promote exclusively there is also @Koningsbruggen aka who ships right now :wink: (banana flavoured soylent copy)


Spaceman supports variety :smile:
More soylent - more options
Less aspiration to regular food.

Let’s beat Whole Foods!


You need to find an European distributor @Spaceman.