Any ETA on the subscription login page being fixed?


Not an emergency, just wondering when I’ll be able to log in again. Obligatory @JulioMiles tag :smile:


Wait so no one can login>? Cause I can’t O-o and I made my order like last week on the 8th


I posted this the other day, but in a different, older thread:

I can’t figure out the Subscription Portal:

I only ordered a single weeks worth of Soylent as a one-time non-subscription order. I still have some time to go before mine ships, and I’ve read enough here and elsewhere about Soylent that I’m more confident in a subscription.

My order was placed in early May and there’s a note at the subscription portal saying it migrated over to a new platform in early June. I’m not sure if or how that affects me. Anyway, I tried logging in just in case an account existed for me and that didn’t work, so I clicked “New user” to sign up. But when I click “New user” I get a dialog box with the prompt: “Type in the email address you used to subscribe to our service.” … so I have to be subscribed to the service before I can subscribe to the service … eh? Anyway, when I type in my email address it doesn’t recognize me.

I have to be in the system somewhere, right? I mean, even if my order was a one-time only order. There should be some kind of way for people who only placed one-time orders to log in and order again or switch over to a subscription.

I guess I can go all the way out to the main page and place a fresh order for a subscription, but is the system going to recognize me as someone who already ordered? Or is it going to see my new order as from a brand new person and give me the 12-week processing time that new users get? I’m kind of hoping here that I can piggyback a subscription on my original order so that the processing time will be shorter.


It’s only 1-2 weeks after you get your first order and it’s clearly stated everywhere even in an e-mail they send you right after ordering,.


Not so. If you ordered a long time ago there was nothing about a subscription portal in the email. If you go to their new website, there’s nothing about waiting till after you get your first order anywhere. All it says is “New user? Get your signup link here”. Nothing in the FAQ either.

I’d suggest @JulioMiles and team add a note to the portal login page to prevent confusion & frustration.