Any Europeans interested in buying DIY?


At first I thought that selling DIY would destroy the whole purpose of the DIY concept, but inspired by @axcho’s success in the US, I am now considering to sell my DIY in Europe. Obviously, I’d first have to know if there would be any demand. So, any Europeans interested in buying some DIY soylent?

Anyone selling their DIY?

If it is similar to the real Soylent, yes I am interested


I second that.
Bring me your soylent !


Yes, absolutely interested!


@Spaceman is already selling in Europe, that’s where I bought, but if you live in Europe and can offer other Europeans lower shipping costs than those who are producing their product in the USA, there sure will be enough demand I think!


I am interested please.


Depending on the recipe, yes!


Thanks @gueste for recommendation.
Thanks @Claus for order. To Sweden, right?


@timvermeulen how about offering your DIY at!marketplace/c1p9k ? It’s open for DIYers, you just need to contact the admin(s). You could include a special note in your product description that you are shipping to Europe and maye can offer reduced shipping costs compared to those shipping from USA.


Hi Spaceman, I’m Interested. What are the costs?

Phil K


you find the current prices here and can also order there


Yes, if it costs less than $2.5 per day and contains no lactose.


@croatiansoylent - it costs exactly $2.5, but we add there a handy bottle ($0.5) - so final price is $3 per meal.


he meant per day and I believe he was talking to OP :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, yeah… per day.

No, such price is unbeatable. @croatiansoylent - if you sell - then I can buy!


One more to add to the “interested” list. (London, UK)


Since last post we started to offer 21 Flavor set and Double Protein 100%FOOD.
And we split shipment costs 50/50 :wink:


Finally! Finally! Finally!

We got a first DIY-soylenter from Europe!
Those who expected low local shipment rates - look at Jacob’s work (scroll to the bottom):!marketplace/c1p9k


Can you call MANA a DIY? I saw their Facebook page a week or two ago (from a Reddit link), and they seem to be seriously trying to be the central European Rosa Labs.

Anyway, looks like a good opportunity for Europeans would-be soylenters.


If I order now, when can I expect to get it? If they send it right away / soon it would be a lot faster and cheaper to get in in Europe, but if they don’t I think I’ll just order some 100%FOOD or something else first.