Any experience in declaring soylent for customs shipping to Europe (or TSA for bringing on a plane)?


I’m shipping a month worth of soylent to Europe since I’m relocating and actually moving. How would I declare the soylent to not get totally milked by customs? Any experiences to share?

Also is it fine to bring it on a plane or will the TSA pad down my pouch?



Depending on where you bring it, it depends, but the most important things would be:

  • Use the non oil bottle version as fish oil is making the most problems (at least it did for me and as)
  • Declare it as food not food replacement or food substitute. It’s nothing medical it’s just powdered food.


Thanks, I’m shipping to Germany and have the non-oil version.


I’ve brought 5 pouches in my carry on. TSA don’t even blink.


Brought a pouch of 1.4 and the Takeya through TSA. Mixed it in the terminal with water (drinking fountain) and ice (fast food soda machine)… Consumed on the plane.


Further proof that the gas issues seem to be resolved (at least for you). Else I would have seen it on the news.



I shipped to germany as well. I am currently letting Soylent be declared as food. This is already in the getting sorted out stage. So probably best to just declare it as food and if it passes awesome. If it doesn’t, tell them (customs) it is already being checked. If there are issues shoot me a private message and I let you know the current working number.


awesome, thank you very much!