Any health benefits to vinegar?


So, I’ve noticed I’ve been either craving foods with vinegar (oil & vinegar dressing) or, as weird as it sounds, adding leftover vinegar from a Jalopeno jar I have into my Soylent…

I was feeling undesirous of my Soylent more and more as my morning progressed, but when I added the vinegar on impulse, it became enjoyable and desirable again.

I didn’t measure the amount of vinegar, I mostly just poured in some and carried on with my day. Surprisingly no flavor changes other than coming across the occasional Jalopeno seed.


I’ve been this way for much of my life, especially on a Paleo diet. I find myself craving acidic (sour) things like vinegar and pickles and sauerkraut. I think it can help with digestion if your stomach acid isn’t strong enough. :stuck_out_tongue:


Interestingly enough… I’ve been having some indigestion, so that doesn’t seem so far-fetched…