Any ideas on when we will be able to re-order when we run out?


Any ideas on when we will be able to re-order when we run out? I only ordered three weeks worth and am hopeful that I will love it, but will be sad when I run out.


You’ll be able to reorder once you receive your first shipment of Soylent, and reorders will be given priority for shipping and should ship immediately. Thanks for your support!


OK, I’m going to reorder Soylent right away and resell it to anyone that wants it and does not want to wait. For double the price! :wink:


I can just see it now. Wearing a soylent hoodie on a street corner in a bad area selling little half meal baggies for $10 a pop. If your reorder doesn’t arrive in time you’ll start thinning out the mix with all purpose flour. what is this world coming to?


No, really, officer… it’s food!


@VadimGod I knew I should have ordered a Soylent hoodie :wink:

Personally, I’m pretty sure I’ll need to reorder ‘early’ eg: before my supply would normally run out for one person.
I had a couple people interested in trying it so that would use a few day’s worth, measured conservatively.
On top of that, a friend of mine was just diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes on Wednesday so she will be trying some Soylent since, if it works for her, will be much easier to monitor intake of carbs with Soylent than pretty much everything else.

Note: I know there’s some discussion on the forums about Diabetes and Soylent but, as this only came to light recently, I’ve only had a chance to read one thread on it.


it’s just artificial sweetener @starsky&hutch


Dang, that’s funny stuff!