Any news for Soylent in Europe?


are there any news for soylent in europe (germany in my case)?
Or any ways to import it?

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There are ways to import it, you can order it through a “reshipper”, you can also pay extra for some from people selling it on various sites (amazon? ebay?)

There are also some alternatives while you wait such as Joylent and Queal (among others for europeans such as myself)
Currently I am trying the variety pack from Joylent with their 4 flavors. (I like the vanilla the most, and banana is also okay, but the strawberry and chocolate are not that great to me)

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Some other alternatives include Mana, Ambronite, Purelent, SoylentLife, Jakeshake etc - all of them are here.

You might especially be interested in Veetal, which is German. Then there’s Soylent by Actibest of which I don’t know much, but is German also.

Also, the German soylent community is trying to grow here on Reddit.

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I live in Germany too. I’ll try out joylent. It’s cheaper than soylent.

Hello to everyone,

if you are looking for a German variant of Soylent, have a look at Solvio which already had its launch in Germany.

You can find the German site at .

Solvio is different from other Soylent variants in that

  • It has a unique formula designed by medical experts
  • It is approved by German nutrition authorities
  • Each meal (500kcal) is packed in a single bag with a single oil blend and can be easily taken to work or university
  • It is affordable and available in four flavours.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them!

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Whoa! That page is mighty similar to Purelent. @Solvio, could you please comment on that?


I have never heard of this supplier, thank you,@Synectar, for the link! Solvio cover photo and webdesign have been chosen on the recommendation of a photo agency so I hope it is a pure coincidence that they look similar.

Solvio is independent and aims to be a new alternative among European suppliers as we believe there a plenty of things to improve on the European market. Some of these things include that a ‘true European Soylent’ has to stick to scientific and legal standards as much as possible and source ingredients only from high quality European suppliers.

From what we’ve seen in the past, Purelent has also “borrowed” the whole FAQ section from Queal and the nutrition info from Joylent. I don’t mean to demean anyone but this concerns me. We are talking about a company trying to sell staple food to masses, after all.

I believe it will be best to remove them from Blendrunner for the time being, at least until they acquire their own identity or explain these methods.


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There is also Bertrand. I’ve tried and liked it. Especially the fact, that this is the only powder which includes DHA and it is organic. So without any GMO

I’m currently trying Joylent and pretty happy with it (1-2 times a day). After this order is finished, I will try Nutrilent, mostly because they pack it per meal :slight_smile: Nutrilent also seems to have a more decent production facility.

Btw, Joylent has free shipping to Benelux and Germany, and you get a free shaker with the first order.

@Solvio, looks like your website is down, and the german variant is partially intact.