Any one currently actively using masa?


Is there anyone here using masa in their mix successfully? I’d be interested in your experiences before I spend more money on another ingredient.


I am using masa. I have about 110 grams of pan harina and 160 grams if oat flour per day in my mix. Originally I was using more of the masa but I adjusted the ratio because the graininess was harder to get down. So far no problems with it, but I haven’t tried anything else really yet.


My reply would be virtually identical to @jeffrey. I’m using it (with oat flour, in a similar proportion to his). It’s OK, but it’s definitely gritty. I am currently considering alternatives. Fortunately, it’s a pretty cheap ingredient, and if it doesn’t work out, you could make your own tortillas for a while.


I tried something a little different with my last batch, and it definitely helped:

I put all the ingredients in the blender last night, gave it a quick spin, then left it in the fridge over night. The masa is still evident, but definitely not as gritty. I assume it soaked up some moisture and softened a bit.
I may try it again tonight, but this time with just the big stuff: milk, oil, masa, oat flour, and maybe the protein and GNC supplement. It seems some of the micros might have gotten clumpy, and it’s hard to say which ones. I guess the other option would be to blend it more thoroughly the night before.