Any plans for allowing different ways to pay?


Just a thing I was wondering about-

My financial state means that ordering a month’s worth of food up front is tricky. A normal grocery bill for me, monthly is probably at least double the cost of a month of Soylent, but this isn’t usually a problem for me because I make more than one trip to the store per a month. That’s a bit harder with the Soylent.

Basically, the question I have is if there are any plans to allow, say, splitting a monthly order into multiple payments?

I know that helping people in tough financial straits eat better was a stated goal of the project, and I can see this only helping them if they decided to go “all in”.



You can have 2 two week monthly subscriptions.


Just to clarify what I think @horsfield’s idea is, I believe he means manually staggering tour subscriptions to match your financial resources.

So basically, order one two week subscription (which ships once a month), then two weeks later make another subscription. If your budget really is currently foun double the cost of Soylent, then after a month out two you can apply that savings to getting a more flexible and convenient single monthly subscription.


That helps, but if the problem is making ends meet, it actually costs more than a 1-month subscription. 130 x 2 is $160, compared to the $155 one-month plan.

The OP is really asking for a one-month subscription - and the savings it implies on shipments - with a payment plan to stagger the cost outlay.

Then again, @Karunamon, a payment plan usually charges a fee for the service - and I could easily see that fee being $5. Perhaps your best bet is to go ahead with @horsfield’s suggestions, and just start with 2-week subs.


I don’t think that it’s the total price that’s an issue, but rather that he can’t provide all the money to front.

If what he says is true, he should only have to stagger his payments for a month or two before he can use a normal monthly subscription.