Any plans to add PayPal as a payment option to the new Canadian site?

Topic says it all, just wondering if you guys will be looking at adding that payment option, like the US site has. I vastly prefer to use PayPal for online purchasing than to use a credit card.

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Same here, like it used to be.

Thought I would follow up here, now that I’m finally getting around to placing an order on the new site. I get the radio silence around here, Soylent has seemingly had 0 presence on the discussion forums since Connor left. So, I decided to email their info line. Doubtful I’ll get any headway there, either, but can’t blame me for trying.

I don’t remember the old Canadian site taking PayPal though, and my email history doesn’t show that I ever ordered it using PayPal either, until the US site added the option last June. I do have an email chain attempting to bring up adding PayPal as an option with their customer service back in 2015, though.

Funny story, my credit card actually got compromised right after the last order I placed on the US site before they added the ability to use PayPal… may just have been coincidence, as I did use it a fair bit for work in the weeks prior, but it was within a day or so of my having placed that order that my bank contacted me about strange usages that they blocked on my behalf.

All I can say is in the 17 years I’ve had a PayPal account, it has never once been compromised. So, it would be really nice if they’d add this option.

I think that PayPal is not available everywhere and for everything. You can’t pay for with it, for example. If you’ve been trying to do that for 5 whole years, I don’t know how you stayed optimistic about it. I would’ve given up after first couple of days. Good for you, buddy.