Any Schmilk reviews?

I’ve been thinking of trying Schmilk. (Someone suggested it when I mentioned in another thread I can’t do Soy Protein) Anybody here use it? I read some good things about it on some Reddit threads.

On their website it says to stop by for a tour of their facility but when I went there yesterday I didn’t see their name on door code thingy. And when I punched in #316 nothing happened. There are a lot of other businesses in that building, maybe I missed it?

"Feel free to stop by for a tour if you’re in the Bay Area!"


You can find some talk amout Schmilk by hitting the magnifying glass shaped icon at the top and searching for the word Schmilk. I tried it; it was ok but not as good as Soylent.

As in taste? With bovine klim?

Thanks for the search tip @geneven but I’m looking for more current reviews, and all in one place, hence this dedicated thread.

I like it better than 1.6. A little cheaper, just as smooth, and comes in a variety of good flavors. Though slightly more clumpy when mixing.

However, it requires milk, which is not piped to my house. So I would need to go shopping and keep my refrigerator plugged in.


Yes, I used bovine milk, and it was ok. You virtually HAVE TO use a blender or it doesn’t mix thoroughly.

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Note that your header says “any Schmilk reviews”, and I gave instructions for finding them. I didn’t realize the questioner was you; I assumed it was some newbie who didn’t know how to search. I wouldn’t have thought Schmilk has changed much, so I don’t know why recent reviews would be better than old ones.

Schmilk will have a slightly different taste now than even very recently. They replaced their micronutrient mix with an improved one aiming for optimal quantities and forms of the micros. Generally, at least one of the most bioavailable forms of a mineral is its glycinate form - when it is bonded to a glycine molecule. The glycine molecule takes up quite a bit of the mass of the molecule, so a larger mass is required. For example, magnesium oxide (~60% magnesium) versus magnesium glycinate (~13-17% magnesium). Glycinates can also impart a mildly metallic taste in large quantities, and with the amount in the new mix, it isn’t unreasonable to assume some change to taste.

Also reasonably recently I believe they’ve changed their fibre source and their sweetener.


I’m on chocolate schmilk right now… I think it tastes great! I add a little Hershey special dark powder to the blender to make it a tad darker (personal preference). And yea, a blender helps a LOT! Agree stocking milk is kindof a hassle though.

Previously I was about 75% powder, 15% drink and 10% muggle.

During the powder shortage I was on 2.0 drink, Light Fuel (Schmoylent) and Schmilk.

I think going forward I’ll stick with the 28 days of 1.7 but transition away from some of the 2.0 in favor of Schmilk.

I found a decent small blender that can handle 20-22oz so I’m thinking os subscribing to schmilk and cutting back on the 2.0.


Awesome to hear they’re using glycinate forms. I’ve been taking magnesium glycinate for years.

I’m unsure if the electrolytes are in glycinate form or citrate (both very good) because they aren’t getting those parts from the copacker due to bulk. This is the mix they’re purchasing:

They then obviously make electrolyte additions (amongst other things) to make it complete.

Wow, he’s serious about getting all the good forms of vitamins/minerals in there! He even has the methyl form of B12 in there, and methyl folate. I started using methylcobalamin (B12) tablets years ago and it totally cured my recurrent canker sores.

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My wife likes Schmilk. She won’t drink Soylent but is urging me to buy Schmilk. I’m not sure I’ll cave because, again, milk is a ‘special’ ingredient.

I believe Schmilk is designed to be nutritionally complete with almond milk or soy milk as well as cow milk :slight_smile:

Hey @Zenman, sorry about that - the door code thingy doesn’t work, but the doors are unlocked during business hours! :stuck_out_tongue: Just come up to the third floor next time and walk right into room 316. :wink: We’ll be closed on Friday and Monday for the holidays, but feel free to stop by in the middle of the week if you’re around.

The best place to find a bunch of Schmilk reviews in one place would be here:


Careful, that’s a pretty rough part of town.

[quote=“GenesisFoodSolutions, post:14, topic:26669”]
I believe Schmilk is designed to be nutritionally complete with almond milk or soy milk as well as cow milk :slight_smile:
[/quote]Yes, they still aren’t piped to my house. So it’s still to a store to shop.

But it’s good to point that out for those who are lactose intolerant.

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Ah sorry, I interpreted “special” incorrectly, as if you were lactose intolerant or vegan.

Awesome, thanks Alex, I didn’t even check the door. I just assumed it was locked, ha! I’ll try to stop by there in the next couple weeks. I already ordered a couple of Schmilk samples which I’ll try next week sometime. :slight_smile:

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I am working through a bag of chocolate now. One for breakfast each day. I like it. Tastes MUCH better than Soylent 2.0