Any Soylent Blogs/Communities in German?


I’ve been blogging about my Experience with DIY-Soylent on
I’ve also tried to find other blogs in German, but didn’t succeed in finding any. I can’t imagine I’m really the only german soylent-blogger out there. I’m sure there’s others - but where?

I’ve also tried reviving the long-dead German soylent subreddit at, to find other bloggers as well as to keep taps on the German-speaking press coverage of the topic. The thing has 16 subscribers now, but besides me there’s only one other guy posting stuff. Admittedly there’s not much to post, since German press-coverage of Soylent has been scarce.

Soooo… does anybody know of any communities or blogs I’ve missed? Is anybody up to join me creating a bit of a German-speaking community? It’d be neat to have a place where the answer to the question “Where can I get Masa?” is something other than “Walmart”.


try looking for at facebook. We have a Danish soylent community there at least… And if there isn’t one, you could make one and invite other germans


Can this be considered a blog?