Any Soylent drinkers able to help?


Hey everyone
I’m writing an article about soylent for planet ivy. As I’ve never actually tried it, I thought it might be good to speak to some people who have or who are making their own. All I’d need is a short q&a about your soylent experiences- I could even do them over the direct message system on this board.

Anyone happy to help?


I haven’t started eating Soylent yet. However, I am a soylent enthusiast and have been following Soylents progress closely in anticipation of the first batch shipping out, so if you have any questions about what thats been like feel free I guess.


There’s an awful lot of DIYers on the forum.
If you want particularly good people to talk to, I’d suggest bugging @jrowe47 and @QuidNYC - they’re helpful, well read, and friendly. JR has been focusing a lot on nootropics in his soylent blends.

I’d be willing to help too, but I’m a soylent baker, not a drinker - I still prefer my food solid. :smile:


Thanks guys! I’m working on a few questions which I’ll DM to you all. I’m trying to understand who the soylent drinkers are and the kind of community it’s being launched into so all help is appreciated!


Also, soylent baking is still relevant, I just hadn’t considered it. I’d like to hear about that too.


in addition to DIY Soylent opinions, I’m sure if you wanted you could probably see if @rob has room for a direct interview (that would be the product’s founder, in case you’re just starting to look into it)


I’ve only been doing DIY for a little over a month, but am willing to help if you’d like.

You may also want to check out this survey on the site that has been running for a while.


Thank you, that’s very helpful. Lots of quantitative data that I’m bound to need. You’re all very helpful, it’s appreciated


Hi Liz, I’ll go ahead and volunteer myself as well. Been on a DIY Soylent since last June, with some very recent endeavors into nootropics. I also mod the subreddit if you have any questions in that regard.



Sure thing, send it over :smile: I’ve not included nootropics directly in the Soylent, but I’ve tried 5 different blends so far, and my latest is definitely the most balanced between taste and minimizing micro overages.


It tastes like Water that had Corn Tortillas soaked in it. It’s neither good or awful, it is an entity by itseslf xD


Rish, that’s entirely due to consuming massive amounts of Masa in your People’s Chow. Mine has a pleasant bread taste. That’s basically what it is - fortified, whey protein rich bread. Or cake. Yum.

Actually I just sauteed a bag of spinach with some onions for my batch next week - with feta!
You know you want some…


i am a DIY Soylenter for my second month and have followed this forum quite a lot, i could help you also.


so the articles ready to go- I just wondered if anyone had any pictures they’d taken of their soylent/how they make it etc that they’d be willing to share? If so, it would be great if they could send the image(s) and the name they’d like credited


I have a bunch that I’ve taken and posted on there’s even a video.


Thanks Chris! I’ll take a look and be sure to credit any that I use (I assume your username is the correct credit?)


her is my one batch


I have a few I’ll put up for you when I get back to the pc.


I have some pictures of my own recipe here, including some cookies: Ax Chow

If you’d like to use them, just credit “axcho”


I also have them up on my Kennufs’ Hybrid recipe, but they are not showing correctly on the phone, so I’m not sure if they are available for you there. I’ll check on them when I get back, if you are able to get them there you can just credit the recipe.