Any Soylenteers Out There?

Anyone join the ambassador program yet? It seems like if I wanted to upload a YouTube video I would need to upload the source file as opposed to pointing to the URL… has anyone had any experience with this?

I made my living for a number of years as a full time affiliate marketer, but I gotta say this program doesn’t interest me at all. 10 measly dollars, one time, and only on a sale? So we get nothing if we generate tons and tons of leads for them? How can I be assured that if I send a lead, it is permanently tagged to me so that if they purchase from anywhere, like say Amazon, I would get my commission?

And even if I felt assured that I would be compensated regardless of the sales channel they purchased through, the conversion rate is likely to be so low… it’s completely not worth it unless you just want to make content for Soylent out of pure passion or as a hobby and if you occasionally make a buck along the way that’s nice.

In my time with Soylent I have no idea how many customers I’ve driven to them but I’d bet it’s a fair number. I did it strictly out of my love and excitement for the product and never got official compensation from the company. That being said, Rob himself did send me the very last of his personal 1.3 supply back when they changed the formula and that was the only version of powder we could tolerate (before we went RTD, obviously). So I suppose there was still a measurable benefit to being “known” inside Rosa Labs. But the ambassador program? Definitely doesn’t get me excited.


Thanks for the reply! I’m also a bit skeptical, maybe less so from the compensation side and more from the technical side on the video uploads. For instance, if I use music that only has a YouTube license I don’t want to uploading to whatever library of content they are maintaining separately if that makes sense. Getting products ahead of time would be the perk that I might like the best as I don’t plan on making real amounts of money this way anyway.

I think for now I’ll stick to the occasional upload on YouTube. Having a topic like Soylent that has a small, niche community is great topic space for practicing how to make better videos. That’s honestly why I’ve made them - it’s nice to find something small enough that will allow my videos to get some organic search traffic. The occasional referral was a nice bonus. My issue with that was that the referrals aren’t cash but can only be used for products. Even that would be ok but the process for redeeming them is painful… I’d have to keep cancelling subscriptions to add a new code, then restart, then drop. What’s funny is that I’ve actually decreased my own ordering during recent history because my subs aren’t renewing automatically (so that I have a chance to enter my unused codes).

I also worry about being censored a bit. For instance I think it was fair criticism that Squared didn’t launch with a sampler pack. That seemed like an obvious missed opportunity at the time and clearly was in hindsight as they added it later. I’m not sure a video discussing things like that would pass their inspection even though the overall message is positive or at least neutral.