Any tips for getting past smell on 2.0?

I really want to like Soylent but I can’t seem to get past the smell (or texture, honestly). I’m a really picky eater and I seem to be much more sensitive to taste, smell, texture, etc than most people. I’ve tried adding a few things but they haven’t masked it at all. This is my first experience with Soylent. Any ideas?

I’ve recently started supplementing Soylent with a bit of whey protein isolate and dietary fiber, but I don’t like the taste of it. At first I was mixing it with the Soylent, but it kinda ruined the taste, so I started drinking it by itself. My experience with protein fiber water is different than your experience with Soylent 2.0, but they’re both drinks we don’t like, so there’s a small chance that what I’ve learned from it may help. When I drink my protein fiber water, it tastes worst right after my first breath after downing it, so what I do, is have the Soylent ready to go and drink a bit of it immediately after finishing my protein fiber water, without stopping to breathe in between them and when I finally do take a breath after drinking the Soylent, I don’t get the yucky protein fiber after taste in my mouth. It may not help in your case, but try having something you like on hand and then don’t breathe during or after you drink Soylent until you’ve had a chance to take a swig or two of whatever it is you like.

What exactly bothers you about the smell?

Try adding a bit of soy sauce, or one of LoreAnn’s flavouring liquids

I’ve tried both capella flavors and LorAnn, and I prefer the capella flavors.

If you can’t get past the smell and texture of 2.0… I don’t know what else to say but maybe this product is not for you?

2.0 is a smooth tasty treat compared to 1.5.

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Taste try adding Starbucks via instant coffee. I dissolve first in 1/2 oz warm water before adding. Mixes in better. Texture and taste I like blending in dark sweet frozen cherries. I use a magic bullet. For that PB&J flavor additional 2tbs of powdered peanut butter.

Maybe try milk flavoring drops? They sell them at most grocery stores.

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I normally use the flavored syrups (Monin & DaVinci).

How much of the Capellas or Loreann’s do you add? I might pick some up to try.

LorAnn flavor fountain: 1tsp per bottle
Capella: ~15 drops per bottle


I’ll give this a try, although it’d be hard to have to do that all the time. But maybe I could get used to it that way. Thank you :slight_smile:

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I’m not sure how to describe it, it’s just really unappetizing to me. And the trouble I have with the texture is that it lingers.

The liquids look awesome, but I’m not sure they’ll ship to Alaska without a ton of cost. Still, maybe I can find something like that locally. Thanks :slight_smile:

This may be the case, and I’m aware I’m abnormally picky. But Soylent seems like it’s worth some effort before I give up on it. It sounds wonderfully convenient and far healthier than my current quite-limited diet.


Instant coffee granules?

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I’m a very picky eater as well and I was concerned about taste, texture and smell as well. I really thought I would have to modify it to be able to drink it and honestly was prepared to do so on my first attempt by having another nutritional shake on hand that I really did enjoy (Walgreens Nutritional Shakes Reduced Sugar Milk Chocolate).

So here is how my first attempt played out and the reasons for it.

  1. Remove wrapping and seal (before shaking, so I could make sure there was no mold and it smelled ok)
  2. Replace cap and shake (to avoid settling, for texture and possible gritty taste)
  3. Poured about a quarter of the bottle into a glass, even though initially I really didn’t think the smell was bad. (I used a straw to drink - keeps it further from your nose, and can drink it faster) :wink:
  4. First taste wasn’t bad, just bland but definitely didn’t know if I could do it long term (so I poured a little of the Walgreen’s shake in it to provide a little chocolate flavor) this wasn’t bad either but not the greatest. Best description would be a very weak tasting Nestlé’s Quik chocolate milk (which is not my favorite…I need a lot of chocolate quik to drink it) However, I know you aren’t really having an issue with the taste I’m just sharing my experience.

This is the result and how I drink it now:

Steps 1 & 2 above (Still doing)

Step 3 Still use a STRAW but directly into the bottle with another slight modification I don’t let the straw go all the way to the bottom (to avoid grit) and drink about half, then cap it and shake it again before finishing the rest of the bottle.

Step 4 No longer using after that first attempt I actually think it’s better all on its own. I guess I’ve grown accustom to the taste and texture even though I do still get a little aftertaste but nothing a little water can’t overcome.

I hope this helps!

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