Any update on gluten-free Soylent?

Thanks for catching my mistake!

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No problem :slight_smile: Just trying to be helpful, not picky.

@timmyf, here’s a first pass at a hypoallergenic rice-based recipe, which I’m calling Clean Fuel. I’d probably charge around $70/week for it.

Are you okay with xanthan gum? I would add that to improve the texture, but if you think you’d be allergic to it I can leave it out.

I wouldn’t design it all around me, as I’m still hoping I can handle regular Soylent. That said, Xantham Gum doesn’t bother me, but many gluten-sensitive people are also sensitive to soy, so soybean oil might be a problem? I don’t think I’ve ever used soybean oil, so I can’t say for myself.

The oil is not included, so you could use any oil you choose. Forgot to mention that. :wink:

I’ll see how it goes with and without xanthan gum. Thanks @timmyf.

Thanks @axcho. I’ve been checking out all the DIY sales that you guys are doing, that may end up being where I go.

It’s been a few days now of a constant, dull headache, watering eye, and skin problems. I’m putting my Soylent aside and going grocery shopping now. :frowning: I was really looking forward to going nearly full Soylent, but I just can’t deal with it anymore.

Luckily, my girlfriend seems to enjoy Soylent, so my remaining 22 days of it won’t go to waste.

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Actually, my head might be too fuzzy to drive. Looks like I’m back to old habits: ordering Indian.

On the plus side, back in the comments on the 4/8 update, @JulioMiles said it’d only be a few months for them to get the gluten-free oats, so hopefully I can get back on the horse in July or August.

I’m in a similar position, having Celiac. I struggle so much with eating that even though Soylent was no longer Gluten Free I still wanted to give it a try.

I’ve gone though 8 days supply in 2 weeks time, slowing ramping up. I don’t know if its the Gluten at 22ppm or something else but I feel worse. Not better like I was hoping. I feel the best after having a solid gluten free meal and the worst when I have a higher % of Soylent through the day.

Going to quit for a while. Go back to the DIY people chow I bought from axcho along with normal food and see how that goes. Hopefully my wife will like the Soylent, otherwise I still have 7 weeks of the stuff left.

I had so much hope for this product to be a hugely positive life changing experience.

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Hey @axcho, would you be able to mix up Schmoylent with gluten-free oats if I requested it? I did really like official Soylent, wondering if that’d be a decent stop-gap for a few months.

Yeah Adam. I spent a year waiting for Soylent and looking at it as the thing that would finally set me free from my food worries. Funny how that goes. I stopped Soylent yesterday afternoon and my eye’s stopped watering and my skin rashes have gone down.

On the plus side, there was always a teeeeeny tiny part of me that wondered if I’d misdiagnosed myself, it’s pretty clear to me now that I was correct. So that’s a major plus.

@timmyf, that’s a good idea! :slight_smile: If you want I can see how much extra that would cost and give you a price quote…

Haha, I could call it… **Schmoylent Clean **! :smiley:

man, I am so bad… :wink:

Ooh, looks like I could totally sell it at the one-off Soylent price point:

Schmoylent: $69/week
Schmoylent Clean: $84/week

What do you think? :slight_smile:

I did definitely like the taste and texture of Soylent much better then the PeopleChow. I wonder how the other DIY gluten free blends stack up. A shame the @Spaceman products aren’t gluten free.

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That’s definitely pricey, but I could probably manage it for a few months while I wait.

Cool, well, see how you like it, @timmyf - I just put up a product page for Schmoylent Clean, so you can order it now:


@adam1, are you interested also?

@adam1, pls. pay attention on 100%FOOD Organic version.

My colleagues from Vegan Kitchen (where I produce it) - helped me to polish the Classic formula, so now we have a soylent without most common allergies.

I’m proud, that Organic 100%FOOD is a Gluten free, Diary free, Soy free product.

More over, based on it we plan to announce more tastes this weekend.

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Awesome! I want to buy this. You produce them in such a way that contamination from gluten sources in the kitchen is negated or at least radically minimized?

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20 ppm is not low enough to qualify for the “gluten free” label but is supposed to be below the level that most people will exhibit gluten allergy symptoms.

It is possible that you may be different than most people and that will trigger an allergic reaction. Do you take allergy medication to help mitigate seasonal allergies?

I don’t take allergy medication regularly. This is sort of embarrassing, but I sometimes don’t leave the house for 3 or 4 days at a time (work from home), so it’s often not necessary. But yeah, I get pretty bad seasonal allergies.

The gluten symptoms are pretty bad and pretty specific. I could be wrong about the cause, but my issues with official Soylent have sort of confirmed them for me.

@streuzucker - we just removed all the ingredients that contain gluten, diary or soy.

100%FOOD Organic contains Flaxseed, Hemp Seeds, Sesame Seeds, Brown Rice Flour, Dextrose (glucose) and Vitamin Mix.

Stay tuned to this thread for new flavors this weekend: