Any update on Soylent in solid bars?

About 6 months ago Rob posted in the AMA about working on Soylent in a solid bar. Is there anymore news? I’m on 2.0 but being in a bar form would be even more convenient.

Bars will be my go-to as well, I expect. I have a box of 1.5 lying around I just opened, I may play around with it to make bars.

I haven’t heard anything lately since the AMA you mentioned.

Perhaps we will see them at some point in 2016?

AMA’s happen once a quarter. So a new one should happen soon. We are working on a solid form of Soylent as Rob has said. Nothing has been finalized.


If they’re scheduled well in advance could you give us some additional head up as to when the next one is happening. I made one of the last couple but I don’t remember getting more than a day’s warning either time.

Do you have an expected time frame of availability?

RL never announces time frame. Too many people complain when you don’t hit it.

They announced 2.0 before release, then beat the projection (October) by releasing it a month early. (September)

They also provided many projections for 1.0 (which were all wrong, and then it took months to fulfill the backlog). Rob also said in an Ars Technica article last year that a new powder version was expected “later this year” (obviously that didn’t pan out).

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They are usually decided the fews days before, I handle them for the most part, but its dependent on Rob’s schedule.


I certainly would not expect them to announce any product before it was in production.


However, solid bars (3.0?) might be in that league.

Obviously anything we surmise is all just speculation at this point. :sunglasses:


Is there a ballpark on price? With the Canadian $ tanking 2.0 is costing me about $500 a month. Hopefully cheaper than 2.0 but will of course cost more than 1.5.

A lot of the cost with 2.0 has to do with shipping, the lighter the product the better. That said even the powder per box is heavy, but as we hit larger scales of production we were able to pass savings on.

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Are you implying that solid Soylent could be the same price as (or cheaper than?) the powder, because you can reach a scale that makes that possible? Or that solid Soylent is likely to be closer to the price of 2.0 because it’s turning out to be heavy?

I have no idea what the pricing will be.